About Carlos & E-Cigs Advice’s Mission

Quitting smoking is difficult, but with the right support and information, it is possible.

At E-Cigs Advice, our goal is to provide honest, comprehensive vaping reviews and guides to help you transition to a smoke-free life.

You can check out my full disclosure here.

Founded by Carlos Aguilar, a former smoker turned vaping expert, E-Cigs Advice offers real-world insights into the pros and cons of different vaping products.

Carlos draws from his own trial-and-error experiences to provide transparent reviews and actionable advice.

After initially struggling to quit smoking with e-cigarettes, Carlos persevered and eventually found success when the technology improved.

He launched E-Cigs Advice to share everything he learned – the good and the bad – about vaping products on the market.

Today, E-Cigs Advice has become a trusted source for vapers and anyone hoping to give up smoking. Carlos’ detailed guides and unbiased reviews have earned him a dedicated following.

His focus is on equipping you with the information you need to avoid wasting money on products that may not suit your needs.

While many review sites only highlight the positives, Carlos provides balanced overviews, including potential flaws and drawbacks.

He also offers safety tips, usage recommendations, and other insights you won’t find anywhere else.

With the right advice and support, you can break the smoking habit and live a healthier life.