Product Review Disclaimer

This product was sent to us free-of-charge for the purpose of writing an honest review.

No payment was made in exchange for this review and we never will accept payments from any company to review a product.

All products are sent to us at the Company’s discretion and they understand that we may provide a positive or negative review, which will always be based on our personal experience and not necessarily be a reflection of everyone’s opinion since many aspects of product reviews are subjective.

All opinions are based after using the product for at least 3 days (usually longer) and will be fed back with honest feedback of the reviewer.

Our reviews will never be influenced by any company that decides to send us products for free to review.

If we review a product that we believe is good or bad (or a mix of the two) based on our experience with the product in question (some parts of which may be subjective) we always provide an honest review noting the pros and cons we experienced while using the product, and the review will not be based on any influence or relationship we have with the company that decides to send us a product for the purpose of review.

We do not guarantee to review all products we receive from any company, although we do and will try to review as many as we can based on our available resources.

Updated: 2nd April 2023

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