Aspire Nautilus GT Kit Review (Pros & Cons)

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Aspire Nautilus Gt Kit Review


If you’ve been around the vaping scene for a while, then there’s a very good chance you’ve either heard of or come across an Aspire product.

Aspire have been making high-quality vaping devices and tanks for many years now, and one of their latest arrivals is the Nautilus GT kit, which includes the Glint mod and the Nautilus GT tank.

The Nautilus GT kit is a single 18650 mod, which is paired with a tank suited to both mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers and direct lung inhale (DL) vapers. If you like the versatility of being able to do both, then this set-up might just be what you’re looking for.

In this review I’m going to take a closer look at the full GT kit and explain why I think it’s a kit worth some serious consideration if you like to have the option of both MTL and DL vaping.


PRICE (US): ~ $75..00

PRICE (UK): ~ £60.00


Aspire Nautilus Gt Kit Specification Review




The first thing I noticed about the Glint is it’s classy design and look. It’s sleek, clean and feels so nice in the hand with its rounded design. I really do like the look of it.

You would think by looking at it that it houses two 18650 batteries – it’s got the size to back it up, but don’t be fooled. It only takes a single 18650. Being a DL style vaping device, I would have preferred it to have two, but this isn’t necessarily designed for heavy DL vapers like me. Not for all day use anyway.


Aspire Nautilus Gt Kit Components Review


The Nautilus GT comes in three colors: Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, and Gun Metal. My favorite is the gun metal, but they all look really nice with the chrome / matte finish, and I’d quite happily take any of the three.

The body is made of zinc alloy, and the build quality is fantastic. It doesn’t feel too heavy, there’s no rattling and the buttons are nice and clicky.

The only gripe I have with the overall build of the Glint is the battery door. The actual compartment at the bottom is excellent. The swivel door, which locks firmly into place, holds the battery in solid and I don’t see it breaking very easy if dropped. Where the problem lies is the way the bottom of the mod has been designed.


Aspire Nautilus Gt Kit Battery Review


When the mod is sat up-right on a flat surface, it wobbles easily. If I have this on my table and the table is knocked, then there’s a good chance it will fall, which is far from ideal.

It’s not a HUGE deal, but it does bother me. I feel like I have to keep an eye on it anytime it’s sat on a surface, which is something I shouldn’t have to think about.

The 510 connector looks solid and is seated on top to the side. You can use tanks up to 24mm in diameter without overhang.

Inside the box of the Nautilus GT kit you will find the Glint Mod itself, the Nautilus Tanks, one replacement glass tube, two coils, a USB-C cable, a manual, a warranty card, and some spare O-rings.




Using the actual mod is fairly simple. To turn the device on, you click the fire button five times in quick succession. Once on, five clicks will either lock or unlock the device. To turn it off, you’ll need to lock the mod first then press and hold the fire button for about two seconds.


Aspire Nautilus Gt Kit Dimensions Review


Three clicks will turn the screen on and off, while holding the down and fire button at the same time will lock or unlock the up and down buttons so that you don’t accidentally change your settings. You can adjust the watts by pressing the up and down buttons whilst these are unlocked.

The mod is a variable wattage device capable of delivering up to 75 watts of power. There are no other modes or configurations. This is a no-frills device, and as long as you don’t expect anything more than VW, you should get along with the Glint just fine.




The GT tank comes in four colors, three of which match the color sheme of the mod (Gunmetal, Silver, and Rose Gold) and they also have a black version, which would work with all three.

It is a top-fill tank, but you have to be extra careful when removing the top, which screws off. The reason for this is that if you accidently unscrew the bottom of the mod instead then any juice you have inside will pour out.


Aspire Nautilus Gt Tank Review


This is a major set-back for me since most tanks of today have some sort of mechanism to avoid such happenings, but unfortunately, this one has gone old-school and can be troublesome if you don’t tighten the bottom strong enough. Just something for you to keep in mind.

The adjustable airflow is excellent. It has a nice click when being adjusted, and depending on your vaping style, it can accommodate you with MTL or DL inhale vaping with the different size airflow holes.

I appreciate this is marketed as a MTL device, but DL vaping works pretty well with the full open airflow so you can use it for both. Something I think makes this tank much better than it may first appear.


Aspire Nautilus Gt Tank Details


The two coils included in the Kit are the 0.7 ohm Nautilus 2S Mesh coil, which is rated for 20 to 25 watts while the 1.6 ohm Nautilus BVC coil is rated for 7 to 11 watts.

The 0.7 ohm coil is better suited for direct to lung vaping, while the 1.6 ohm coil for MTL vaping. Both perform well and produce a good amount of flavor and vapor.




In the UK, you can get the Aspire Nautilus GT Kit for around £60.00 at Vape Superstore. In the US, you can expect to pay about $75.00 at GearBest who do sometimes offer discounts on their products.

If this mod didn’t look and feel as good as it does, I’d argue that it’s a little over-priced. But in this case, you are getting a well-built mod, okay-ish tank with nice coils, and the ability to vape using different methods.

This has to be the major selling point for me. If you want a device that does MTL & DL vaping well, then this is the kind of thing you’ll be looking for.

If you’re not needing it for MTL, then I’d suggest that you save your money for a mod that is built solely for DL vaping. At this price you’ll easily find something to suit your requirements.




  • Plastic buttons
  • Mod prone to falling when put on flat surface
  • Single 18650 (would have liked two in a device this size)
  • Unscrewing the top of the tank for refill can be dodgy




  • Sleek and stylish
  • Simple to use
  • Light for its size
  • Secure battery door
  • MTL & DL vaping works well




I think I’ve pretty much summed it up already. This kit is best suited to either MTL vapers or people that want the luxury of both MTL & DL vaping. It’s as simple as that.

It does both vaping styles well with the GT Tank, and as long as the minor drawbacks mentioned above aren’t too much of an issue for you then I think you’ll be quite happy with it.

I personally don’t MTL vape so this isn’t something I would go for, but I can see the niche it fits, and I think Aspire deserve some credit here because they really have created a beautiful mod that I’m sure will become a crowd favorite amongst the many MTL vapers around the world.


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