Uwell Crown Pod Kit Review (Pros & Cons)

3.0 rating

Uwell Crown Pod Kit Review


The Crown Pod Kit is Uwell’s latest entry in the pod vape scene, and it certainly does look the part.

Considering the stellar products Uwell has churned out in the past, you may have high hopes with the Crown Pod Kit.

With a striking design and a stealthy profile, the Crown Kit looks to be a winner in the aesthetics department.

Most pod devices have very similar functionality, though performance varies from pod to pod.

Will the Crown Pod Kit be “crowned” the king (or queen) or will it be a mocking crown of thorns for Uwell? Read on to find out…


PRICE (US): ~ $24.99 available from VapeSourcing, usually at a discounted price

PRICE (UK): ~ £24.99 available from UK ECIG STORE, usually at a discounted price




  • 1 x Uwell Crown Device
  • 1 x 1.0Ω Crown Pod
  • 1 x 0.6Ω Crown Pod
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card




  • Size: 95.6x30x18.0mm
  • Battery: 1250mAh Internal Battery
  • Material: PCTG * Aluminium Alloy
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 3.0ml (2.0ml TPD)
  • Maximum Wattage: 25w
  • Draw System: Automatic Draw & Fire Button
  • Charging: Via Micro USB
  • Available colours: Black | Grey | Blue | Red (Looks Pink)




Design-wise, the general shape of the Crown Pod looks very much like other pods available on the market today.

However, what I found striking is the use of a sort of Victorian gothic design down a matte black strip on the sides of the device. It’s subtle and gives it a nice aesthetic look.

There is also an embossed crown that lets you know what device you are holding, but it doesn’t scream out in bold, obnoxious letters.

A nice little touch with the embossed crown is that it’s also the firing button. If I didn’t tell you that, you probably wouldn’t have guessed it from the pictures since it’s not immediately obvious.


Uwell Crown Pod Kit Silver Review


The Crown comes in four colors – Red, Gray, Blue, and the ever-ubiquitous Black. All have the matte black strip down the middle, and all look great with it.

The body is made from aluminum, which makes it feel premium and it’s really comfortable to hold. Down by the base you will find the micro USB port, which is made of plastic.

There is an adjustable air flow slide, which is easy to use and doesn’t slip out place easily. You can easily switch from mouth to lung vape to a restrictive direct lung inhale.

The Crown Pod Kit comes in a standard box and inside you will get the device itself, two Crown pods, a micro USB cable, a manual, and a warranty card.




As a pod device, don’t expect the Crown to have a slew of features. There is a single firing button which you can click five times to turn the unit on and off.

There is an LED indicator down the bottom end of the device that lets you know how much battery life you have left.


Uwell Crown Pod Kit Pink Review


A green light means you still have over 60% battery left, blue signals you have between 30% to 60% left, and a red light tells you that you are below 30% and will need to charge soon.

To charge, simply plug the micro USB cable into the port, connected to a power source.

And… that’s it. Time to move on to the battery performance…




The Crown Pod has a built-in 1250mah battery, which is a good size battery for a pod. From use, it has been more than enough to last me a full day vaping regularly throughout the day, and I’d class myself as a moderate vaper.

If you vape heavily you may need to charge it throughout the day, especially when the battery eventually degrades, but while the battery is relatively new you should make it through a full day.




The pods of the Crown are made from a dark plastic with the resistance and suggested wattages printed at the base.

You will get two coils in this kit, a 0.6 ohm that is rated for 18 to 25 watts, and a 1 ohm coil rated for 10 to 15 watts.

Unfortunately, the coils cannot be replaced, so when your coil is dead, you throw the whole pod out. This is always something that turns me off personally as it means creating more plastic waste.

The pods have a small window so you can see how much juice you have left, but it’s so small it’s almost impossible to see, so not a great deal of help here.


Uwell Crown Pod Kit Black Review


Each pod has an airflow slider marked “Min” to “Max.” At “Min” you get a nice mouth to lung draw, while “Max” give you a restrictive direct inhale.

Filling the pod requires you to remove the mouthpiece, which I found a little difficult to get off. Once off, you’ll see the fill hole, which is large enough to accommodate most e-juice bottle nozzles. When filling for the first time, remember to let it sit for at least five minutes to prime the coils completely.




When it comes to performance, the Uwell Crown Kit delivers. Being such a simple device, it doesn’t take much to coax the best performance out it.

The 0.6 ohm pod is able to churn out decent clouds and respectable flavor, especially when you open the airflow to its max opening.

The 1 ohm pod on the other hand is perfect if you prefer mouth to lung. At the min setting of its airflow control, you will get a draw that is similar to that of smoking an analog cigarette.
Flavor is just as good, but given the higher resistance, don’t expect the same cloud production as the 0.6 ohm coil.




The Uwell Crown Pod Kit will set you back less than RRP price of £24.99 in the UK and is available for less at the UK ECIG STORE. While in the US, you can get the kit for less than $24.99 from VapeSourcing. Pricing is in line with other most other pod kits, but the price of this model has been reduced on the aforementioned websites already.


Uwell Crown Pod Kit Blue Review




  • Removing the pod’s mouthpiece for filling can be fiddly
  • E-juice level window is useless
  • Pods don’t fit quite as snug and can fall off if you are not careful
  • Coils are not replaceable




  • Nice sleek design
  • Simple to use
  • High quality materials
  • Great performance of coils
  • Good battery life
  • Airflow control




Searching for a good pod kit can be a pain given the plethora of choices available. All in all, I think the Crown Pod is a decent pod for what it is, but it’s not the best on the market. Far from it.

Battery life is good, it is dead simple to operate, and the coils offer great flavor, but the non-replaceable coils and mouthpiece design makes this a difficult kit to recommend even at this price.

Having said this, most people that have bought it seem to like it. It does have a lot of excellent reviews by consumers from what I’ve seen.

I don’t think it would be a bad choice if you’re an entry-level vaper. I’d just be inclined to advise you to take a look at the many alternatives first, and weigh up the pros and cons based on your personal preferences.


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