Voopoo Argus GT 160W Review (Pros & Cons)

4.0 rating

Voopoo Argus Gt 160W Kit Review

The Argus GT 160W is yet another dual battery mod, this time from the makers of the Drag and Vinci, Voopoo.

Known more for its line of stealthy pod vapes, Voopoo has left its comfort zone to try its hand again in making a proper box mod, but with a twist. 

If first impressions last, color me impressed as the Argus is a beautifully designed mod. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dual battery mod as compact as the Argus. Given the physical constraints designing a pod-style mod with two batteries, it’s a neat feat of engineering Voopoo has done with the Argus.

As the name implies, the Argus can put out up to 160 watts of power, which is not as powerful as most other dual battery mods around, yet vastly more powerful than most pods on the market.

Will the Argus be a home run for Voopoo? Or will it be destined to be “just another” dual battery mod that will gather dust on store shelves?


PRICE (US): ~ $50.00

PRICE (UK): ~ £50.00


Voopoo Argus Gt Kit Specifications Review




  • Dimensions: 132.1 mm x 51.3 mm x 26.1 mm
  • Material: Leather + zinc alloy
  • Output power: 5 – 160 watts
  • Output voltage: 6.4 – 8.4 volts
  • Resistance: 0.1 – 3.0 ohms
  • Battery: Dual 18650 (not included)
  • Tank Capacity: 4.5 mL (TPD: 2 mL)
  • Material: Stainless Steel + PCTG
  • Resistance: 0.2 ohm (PnP – VM5) 0.15 ohm (PnP – VM6)




  • 1 x Argus GT device
  • 1 x PnP pod tank (4.5 mL)
  • 1 x PnP-VM5 coil (0.2 ohm)
  • 1 x PnP-VM6 coil (0.15 ohm)
  • 1 x Type-C cable
  • 1 x User manual




Usually, first impressions of mods happen after you unbox the device. In the Argus’ case, its first impressions strike you the moment you see the box it comes in.

Where other manufacturers are content in putting their devices in standard boxes (and besides, users don’t really care), Voopoo has decided to package theirs in a lovely plastic case with a latch.

You may be inclined to throw the standard box away after opening it, but here, you’ll more than likely end up keeping the case the Argus came in if for no other reason that it’s cool aesthetics. 


Voopoo Argus Gt Case Review


After the initial surprise, when you get to the mod itself, you’ll be surprised yet again at how compact the Argus is considering it’s a dual battery mod. Build quality is up to par with other Voopoo products, which is very impressive, and the overall design makes it a stunner.

The compactness of the mod makes it also one of the most ergonomic dual 18650 mods on the market. It feels great in the hand because of the leather wrap inside a metal frame. These small touches give it that extra style, classiness and elegance.

The front of the device is where the fire button can be found, and below it the small colored screen. Beneath the screen are the up and down buttons. The screen is bright and easily readable, while the buttons click with authority without any rattle.


Voopoo Argus Gt Kit Contents Review


Up top, the 510 connector is situated to the side. It can accommodate up atomizers and tanks up to 24mm in diameter without overhang. You can get away with a 25mm, but there will be a tiny bit of overhang, although not that noticeable. 

On the bottom side is the battery door, and while it’s not the most robust feeling, it works well though you might worry how it might hold up after multiple battery swaps.

My experience using devices with battery doors with this type of mechanism hasn’t been great over long periods of time, but there are only a handful of devices that have had such issues. So far, the Argus has been flawless in this department. 

The USB-C port is located on the side, and it has a rubber cover to protect it from dust and water.

Pressing the down button and fire button at the same time will reset your puff counter, while pressing the up and down button simultaneously you’ll see your chip ID and level code. Finally, pressing the up button and fire button at the same time it will lock the device completely. Unlike most other devices, you won’t be able to fire the device while it’s locked this way unless you press and hold the fire button.

In the box (or case, as the “case” may be), you will get the mod itself, a pod tank, two coils, a USB-C cable, and a user manual.




In terms of functionality, the Argus doesn’t fail.

Using the mod is simple if you are familiar with how regulated mods work. You turn the unit on or off with five clicks of the fire button, while three clicks take you to the modes menu where you can choose and adjust the available modes.

The Argus has what it calls “Smart Mode,” which is essentially variable wattage mode but where the mod limits your power output to what it deems safe with the coil and resistance you are using. It seems to work fine by my testing, but I prefer to use regular variable wattage mode since that’s what I’m used to. 

RBA Mode is the normal variable wattage mode, and the third mode is Temperature Control (Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel).


Voopoo Argus Gt Kit Review


When you are in TC mode, you can press the up and down buttons simultaneously to access advanced settings where you can choose the initial power, adjust TCR, and others. 

One thing that I really don’t like about the Argus is that after sitting for around 5 minutes it won’t automatically fire when you hit the fire button to vape. Instead you have to double press it, which always catches me off-guard.

I appreciate it’s a safety feature, but when you’ve been vaping devices for so long that fire when you expect them to, this does get annoying.

The USB-C port does charge up to 2A, but without balanced charging and to be on the safer side of things, we always recommend using a dedicated external charger if you have one.




The Argus comes with its own tank, the Argus GT PnP Tank.

It’s not your standard tank in that it employs a 510 adapter to make it fit in the mod. The design is interesting though if you haven’t seen the tanks that come with Voopoo’s other mods such as the Vinci X and S.

In a nutshell, its more of a pod-style tank with an integrated mouthpiece.

The adapter that comes with it has an adjustable air flow ring, but keep in mind that even at its tightest setting, it won’t work as an MTL tank.


Voopoo Argus Gt Tank Review


Though the tank uses pre-built coils, Voopoo has RBA decks in the works to be available in the future. This is a welcome option especially for if you’d rather build your own coils.

The tank has a 4.5ml capacity and uses a bottom fill method. It should be noted that the tank must be empty before you can swap out its coils.

The coils are a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve had some that last several weeks, while others haven’t lasted very long.  The flavour off these coils is excellent, just a shame they don’t last very long. 




If you are in the UK, expect to shell out about £50.00 for the kit. While US vapers can get one for about $50.00. The Argus GT 160W can be bought via VapeSourcing’s website often at a discount.

Is it worth it? All in all I think it’s a worthy kit at this price. The portability it brings for a dual battery mod is a huge deal, and the quality build and design makes it look more expensive than it really is.

The performance of the mod itself is pretty good, though the tank leaves a lot to be desired. However, since it uses a 510 connector, you can easily swap the tank out for something you know works for you, which is it’s saving grace. 




  • Menu system can be improved
  • Sometimes the coils don’t last very long (however others I’ve used have lasted weeks
  • Plastic Tank
  • Tank gets hot above 50 watts
  • Battery Door Hinge
  • Time-Delayed Fire Button Reset (requiring you to press it twice)
  • Only up to 24mm atomizers
  • Bottom fill tank (must be empty)




  • Great build quality
  • Leather and metal is classy
  • Design & material is great
  • No rattles
  • Compact for what it is
  • Excellent flavour with coils
  • USB Type-C
  • Colored screen is bright and clear
  • Nice clicky fire button




Though not perfect, the Voopoo Argus GT 160W is well worth a look if you are looking for a dual battery mod that doesn’t feel like a brick in hand while offering good performance.

Sure the tank could use more consistent coils that last longer, but may do last a while, and they do produce really good flavour. Given the vast number of coils available, you’ll no doubt find others that you can replace them with.

160 watts may not seem as powerful as other dual battery mods out there, but it is rare to find people vaping above 60-80 watts. I know there are many of you that do, but the average person will be happy at anything under 160 for sure. 

Overall, I think Voopoo have done a great job here and it’s one of the few dual 18650’s I love to use, albeit with a different tank.


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