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I recently got my hands on the Voopoo DRAG 4, and I’m already impressed!

It’s a great vape kit with a modern design and plenty of features. From the UFORCE L tank to the fast-firing GENE chip, there’s a lot to love about this device.

I’m going to take you through my experience with the Voopoo DRAG 4, from the design and build quality to the battery performance.

Let’s dive in!



Specs & Features



  • Dimensions: 52.4 x 25.4 x 89mm
  • Material: ZInc Alloy+Leather+Solid Wood
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Display: 6 colour theme Screen (Size not specified)
  • Output power: 5 – 177W
  • User modes: RBA (Variable Wattage), Smart , Eco, TC (Ni200, Ti, SS316, SS430)
  • Output voltage: 3.2 – 8.4V
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 3.0ohm
  • Charging : USB Type C 3A
  • Locking switch






  • DRAG 4 device
  • UFORCE L tank (4ml)
  • PNP TW20 coil
  • PNP TW15 coil
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • Spare glass (5.5ml)
  • Bag of spare silicone O rings
  • User manual
  • Battery warning card



Voopoo-Drag-4-Mod Review



What To Expect



I really like the walnut exterior with its powerful GENE TT2.0 chipset.

The DRAG 4 is slightly taller and wider than the DRAG 3, and it’s marginally heavier without the batteries.

It includes the U FORCE L tank, the first PnP atomiser with three top adjustable airflow slots.

This balances the airflow direction while increasing its pathway to the coil, creating a more stable and consistent output, even against rigorous movement.

There are 6 colour options to choose from in 2 ranges, including Gun Metal & Ocean Blue, Gun Metal & Forest Green, and Gun Metal & Tropical Orange. The QS lock on the front of the Mod provides the user with an extra layer of security.



Design and Build Quality



You’ll love the exposed battery sled, magnetic C shaped cover, and QS switch — all of which make this device stand out for its design and build quality.

The exposed battery sled is a great feature, as it’s much easier to access than the spring loaded bottom hinge of its predecessor.

The magnetic C shaped cover is also a welcome addition, as it makes the device much easier to open and access.

And the QS switch is a nice little addition as it offers a much simpler way to lock or unlock the device than having to navigate through complicated menu screens.

The type C USB charging is in the usual place but is not as recessed as the DRAG 3.

There is no venting on the device, which is a common trait with the DRAG range.

With the exposed battery sled, magnetized C shaped cover, and QS switch, the Voopoo DRAG 4 is a great device if you’re looking for an easy to use, well-designed device.






The UFORCE L tank is a 25mm diameter tank with PnP mesh coil compatibility and three top airflow slots, perfect for those who want to customize their vaping experience.

The quarter turn top cap opens up to reveal two average-sized fill ports and the adjustable airflow slots can be turned through a full 360deg.

The threading on the deck is a bit fragile but there’s enough knurling for removing and replacing the coils.

Overall, the tank provides a great balance between flavor and cloud production and it’s an excellent addition to the Voopoo Drag 4.



Coil and Tank



Installing a coil and filling the tank can seem intimidating, but once you get the knack of it, it’s pretty simple to do.

All you need to do is unscrew the deck of the tank by turning it clockwise and push one of the PnP coils up into the chamber of the tank, ensuring you get a good seal.

Once that is done, screw the deck back onto the tank section and make sure the O-rings provide an adequate seal.

One you’ve done this, you need to remove the top cap by twisting it counter-clockwise, push the bottle nozzle down one of the silicone fill ports and squeeze the e-liquid in.

Be sure not to overfill it but make sure the cotton wicking ports have enough e-liquid before replacing the top cap.

Let the e-liquid soak into the cotton for around five minutes before you start vaping to avoid burning out the coil and you’re all set!






Voopoo Drag 4 Review



There’s plenty of functions to play around with. From variable wattage to temperature control and more.

Five clicks of the fire button switch the device on or off, whether it’s locked or unlocked.

The main menu can be accessed by pressing the up and down menu buttons together.

From there, you can choose between Mode, Switch, puff reset, about, screen colour or exit to the main screen.

The fire button is used to make your selection, allowing you to switch between SMART, RBA, ECO or TC modes.

You can also adjust the third button to lock/unlock the device, turn it on or off, or lock/unlock the current wattage.

In RBA mode, wattage can be adjusted between 5-177W, giving you plenty of control.

Temperature control mode can also be used, although I don’t have personal experience with it.

The puff reset function is a useful addition if it’s your thing, but it’s not something I usually bother with.

You can change the screen colour between Classic (Beige), Green, Pink, Purple or Yellow text, allowing you to customize it to suit your style, which is a nice little addition.



Voopoo DRAG 4 Performance



I’m impressed with the overall performance.

The SMART mode detects the ideal wattage and the GENE chip allows for a smooth and turbulence-free vape.

The Voopoo DRAG 4 provides impressive flavor and plenty of clouds.

The airflow can be practically closed off before getting a semi-restrictive lung vape that still produces an ample amount of vapor.

The TW15 0.15ohm mesh PNP coil is more concentrated with flavor and gives a more noticeable oomph when firing.

With 70% restriction over wide open airflow, the restrictive lung vaping gives a warmer feeling that enhances the flavor.

The Mod consistently provides a constant output to the coil, and each vape feels pretty consistent.



Battery Performance



I used the device for a good week and found that the battery was able to last a good amount of time.

Even when the battery levels dropped, the flavour and cloud production still held up well, and each hit was the same as the previous one.

All in all, the Voopoo DRAG 4’s battery performance is quite impressive and should easily last all day even if you’re a relatively heavy vaper.




  • No ventilation
  • Poor Airflow




  • Excellent Flavour
  • Nice, bright, clear screen
  • Battery Life
  • No leaking





Overall, I’m really impressed with the Voopoo DRAG 4.

It’s a great device with a sleek design, good build quality, and a powerful battery.

The UFORCE L Tank is a great addition, allowing for easy installation of coils and filling of the tank.

The functionality is great, and it performs great in my early testing.

While there are some downsides, I would still recommend the Voopoo DRAG 4 to anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable device.


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