5 Pocket Fuel E-Lliquid Flavors Review

Pocket Fuel E-Liquid

Surrey, England based e-liquid manufacturer Pocket Fuel has a range of 12 flavors each made from UK sourced ingredients.

Established in the year 2000, Pocket Fuel has decided on fresh, fun and bubbly branding on their packaging and their bottles, which gives the feel of summer and enjoyment.

Each flavor can be purchased in 10, 20, 60 and 120ml bottles, with a choice of 0, 3 or 6mg nicotine. Each juice is an 80/20 vg/pg mix, ideal for cloud chasing vapers.

These juices have been designed for sub ohm, high wattage vaping and are ideal for the vaper who uses drippers or sub tanks.

Below I’ll tell you more about these flavors I’ve tried:





This is an absolute smorgasbord of fruity, candy flavors. For anyone that likes mixed fruit vapes, this is the one for you.

It’s difficult to pull out individual flavors in this one, the inhale is an explosion of candied fruits, moving into a gummy bear type offering, with a hint of citrus fruits too.

The exhale is strong with a tiny hint of the old-school bubble gum sweets coming through.

This is a proper summer smasher, extra refreshing and super tasty.




I’m not a massive fan of cherry vapes. I never liked the cherry drop sweets you got as a kid.

On opening the bottle, the aroma of the candied hard cherry drops hits straight away.

As with all the juices in this range, the 80vg means clouds are incredible; they are dense and the smell of the liquid sticks in the vapor too.

On taste, it’s not really a cherry pie coming through, it’s more of a bakewell tart. It’s a sickly cherry jam as the base with a sugary, sweet, think fondant lace right through the inhale and exhale.

Not bad, but not for me.




This could well be a first for me, never have I experienced an e-juice like this.

On inhale, it’s the unmistakable flavor of red berries; could be strawberries and raspberries mixed together.

Right at the end of the inhale, and carrying through the exhale, is an unusual but very enjoyable champagne flavor and feel.

It’s dry, fizzy and rich. With no doubt in my mind, this is an actual champagne vape – unbelievable.




One for nostalgia this. I live near the seaside on the south coast, and have done for most of my life.

This e-juice took me back to my younger days, popping along the promenade and picking up a blue Slush Puppy to cool me down.

I’ve had blue slush vapes from other creators, but this is the closest one to the real thing.

There is not a hint of menthol in this vape.

It is the exact same flavor as when you used to suck all the blue flavor out of the cup through the straw and left the clear ice in there.

An excellent, all day vape.




I’ve saved the best for last.

There seems to be a bit of a theme running through the pocket fuel range, especially the ones I’ve tasted. They all make you dream of summer, sitting in a garden, cold drink on the go, vaping away.

This is the epitome of summer; it creates a mouth-watery feel, is extremely refreshing and tastes like a non-alcoholic peach Schnapps.

It’s a sweet, smooth and rich peach flavor on the inhale and on the exhale, and the lingering vapor contains this burst of sweet, peachy goodness.

This is one of my go-to vapes and is always in my rotation, and probably always will be.




There is a whole host of other flavors available from Pocket Fuel.

If the five I’ve tried are to go by, they are all rich, premium quality juices, packed full of flavor, with excellent vapor production as you would expect from an 80/20 liquid.

The other flavors in the range are:

  • Blueberry Pancake – a combination of sweet blueberry, fluffy pancake and a blueberry syrup
  • Candy Cane – a candied peppermint vape reminiscent of Christmas that you can vape all year round
  • Strawberry Shake – a mix of real strawberry, candy strawberry and smooth milk
  • Menthol Mist, a burst of menthol sure to cure the dreaded vapers tongue and Summer Cooler, a tantalising mix of cherry and raspberry with a tiny hint of menthol, just enough to give the feeling of drinking a cocktail with a cube of ice or two
  • Classic Tobacco – a smoky, bonfire-like tobacco taste
  • Viriginia Oak – a golden tobacco flavor with a fresh smoky-wood twist with a smoky exhale




  • Decadent and flavorful
  • Vapor production is excellent
  • Flavor options, there is something for everyone
  • Excellent bright and summery packaging
  • Summery theme throughout the range




  • Depending on where you buy them they can be relatively costly
  • Not as much flexibility and customisation in options and some other brands
  • Only three nicotine selections
  • Only come in 80/20 vg/pg ratio




In summary, the range of Pocket Fuel gourmet e-liquids is brilliant.

There is a flavor for everyone and each liquid is packed full of flavor. The cloud production on the range is excellent, as you would expect from 80 vg juices.

These usually RRP at £4.99 for 10ml of juice, which is a little on the expensive side, but the quality is excellent.


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