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Pure Evil E-Liquid



From the same company as the Pocket Fuel Range, Pure Evil Seven Deadly Sins range is an upmarket, max VG range of e-liquids.

Whereas Pocket Fuel have gone for a light, summery style of branding, Pure Evil is dark and gothic, with a silver skull adorning the bottles.

In my opinion, the genius that came up with this collection deserves a medal – from the ‘seven deadly sins’ theme through to the design and packaging, they are on to an absolute winner.

It is the epitome of cool. Each flavor is available in 0, 3 or 6 milligram nicotine versions.

I’ll let you know my thoughts on each of the seven deadly sin flavors:

  • LUST
  • ENVY




Sloth has the standard packaging – black label with a silver, metallic looking skull.

One thing you will notice about each different flavor in the collection is the different coloration when it comes to the writing of the name of the juice.

Sloth is an ice-cold blue, which fits perfectly with the flavor. A delicate mix of a whole host of berries, Sloth may just be the best one of the whole collection.

It’s smooth, mellow and just brilliant. It’s juicy to the smell, and juicier to the taste.

It’s tough to pick out any of the seven berries in the flavor, but straight from the bat, the inhale is fruity, with hints of raspberry and blackberry.

The exhale rounds off the fruitiness and leaves you wanting more and more.




The yellow one of the range, Greed is a rice pudding-based e-liquid with a hit of a mango coulis running through.

Similar to a raspberry ripple effect, this time the fruit compote is mango, if you follow me.

It’s a strange flavor – not a mix I’ve come across before.

The inhale is a sweet, fresh and fruity mango hit. After the hit from the mango, a hint of a savoury rice flavor comes through.

It’s a bit of a push calling it a rice pudding, it doesn’t have the creamy milky feeling the British pudding is synonymous with.

It’s a chemical, artificial flavor, probably too much so.

Personally, I’m not sure this one is spot on, it’s certainly rescued by the mango flavor that comes through first.




As with the rest of the Pure Evil Seven Deadly Sins range, Gluttony has the black labeling and silver skull.

This time, it’s a lovely lavender color to the writing on the bottle. Gluttony is a pure vanilla flavor.

It’s rich, smooth and unlike many other vanilla vapes, this one isn’t harsh at all. Instead, it’s dense, creamy and indulgent.

This one may well be described as an upmarket vanilla ice cream.

It has the mouth feel of a custard vape, but thankfully for me, the custard flavor is not anywhere near this e-liquid.

As with a couple of the other flavors in the range, this one has taken me back to childhood, when vanilla ice cream was a summer treat.

This is a simple yet delicious vanilla vape.




Wrath is the blood red one of the range, fitting for a raspberry based e-liquid. This one mixes the raspberry with a very tropical coconut

This one mixes the raspberry with a very tropical coconut flavor. Normally a no for me; coconut is an overpowering flavor from my experience in the flavor.

On the inhale, this juice is decadent and rich. There is a hit of fresh raspberry from the off, followed by a slightly candied raspberry flavor.

The Coconut is fresh, mild and an excellent mix with the raspberry, which lasts for the whole vape and long after.

It’s fair to say this one leaves you with a need for more; the mouth waters…




The vaping world seems to go crazy over custard type e-liquids, a craze I can’t really get my head around yet.

Lust, the pink one in the collection, is a strawberry custard concoction with the decadence we’re used to from the Pure Evil range.

Bear with me on this one, as I said, I’m not a custard vape fan, but this is not a reflection on the quality of this juice.

The strawberry flavor is there, but maybe not strong enough for my liking as it is completely overpowered by a smooth, creamy vanilla custard, all the way through the vape.

A quality e-liquid, just not for me. The custard-army will love this one.




Green in color, green apple in flavor.

There is no mistaking this flavor, it has the sharp, tangy yet sweet flavor of what we have come to know as an apple flavor.

The best way to describe this juice is an apple pie without the undertones of pastry.

It’s a baked green apple from the start, joined by a mellow cinnamon note that you could definitely mistake for an apple pie vape.

It’s not until the aftertaste that you realise there isn’t the pastry base, which is confusing but delightful.




Another mix of flavors that I’ve not come across before, the orange-adorned Pride takes a British favorite – butterscotch, and puts its own evil twist on it.

It’s nostalgic right from the start.

A nice smooth, creamy butterscotch flavor hits straight away. Still on the inhale, this flavor is joined by a menthol or minty flavor.

Imagine eating a Werthers Original and a Polo at the same time, it doesn’t sound like this shouldn’t be mixed, but think again.

It’s a hint of menthol; it’s crisp and definitely an under note.

I genuinely don’t think I’m doing this one any justice; it’s one of those flavors that you are going to have to try yourself.

It’s certainly an experience.




This is an excellent, rich range of e-liquids, with a fantastic mix of flavors we know and love.

I’ve personally not seen some of these flavor combinations in a liquid before. They sure have taken me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

At £3.50 for 10ml (RRP £5.00 per 10ml), pricing is about what you would expect from a high-quality e-liquid too.

Vapouriz, the parent company of the Pocket Fuel and Pure Evil brands, has got this range spot on, from the branding right the way through to the flavors.

It’s worth trying each of the flavors that match your preferred flavor preferences.

There is certain to be one that tempts you into committing one of the seven deadly sins…


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