Apollo E-Liquid Review

Apollo E-Liquid E-Juice

Apollo is one of the oldest brands in the e-cigarette industry. I have reviewed some of their e-cigarette kits and was impressed by their performance and affordability. They’re based in California and have a creative and experienced team that govern every step of the conception and manufacturing process. Their hard work and dedication becomes apparent when you try their range of e-liquids.

I have been using Apollo’s e-liquids for some time now and I have been pretty impressed to say the least. They offer a good range of flavors at an affordable price, and all of their e-juices are manufactured solely in the US and not in China, like most other e-liquids.




Most of Apollo’s e-liquids are made with a 60/40 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine mixture. There is now a selection of e-liquids that are available in Max VG, meaning that they contain no propylene glycol. Max VG is a lot thicker juice so you should be sure your device and atomizer will work okay with it as some won’t vape well with 100% VG.


All of their juices are USA made with safe ingredients and are contamination-free. There are more than 90 flavors in Apollo’s repertoire. There are plenty of great flavors to choose from, and their mixologists come up with new flavors every year. Here are the flavors I’ve sampled:

RY4 has the powerful taste of tobacco with an under-taste of caramel and vanilla which gives it a delectable quality. I don’t normally go for tobacco flavors personally, but in my experience as a vaper, I have never come across an RY4 which has a perfect fusion of strong and sweet flavors like tobacco and vanilla.


Ry4 Apollo E-Liquid


Baja Burst is a favorite of mine. It has a really nice citrus flavor which lives up to its name with a fusion of tropical and citrus fruits. I’m also liked the banana cream, which has a rich and creamy taste, but I feel it could do with a little more of the banana flavor as I like a strong banana flavor. This also goes extremely well with chocolate!


Baja Burst Apollo E-Liquid


Mango peach has a good balance of flavors of both the fruits but the peach flavor is definitely more dominant until you exhale and notice the mango flavor kick in. It’s not one I’ll buy regularly, but I’m glad I’ve tried it as it’s much better than I thought it would be.


Mango Peach Apollo E-Liquid


The menthol breeze was fresh and cool as expected. However, you can increase its flavor performance by combining it with other flavors. Menthols is another liquid I usually shy away from as it reminds me of menthol cigarettes, which I never got on with, but if you like menthol I think you’ll get on well with this.


Menthol Breeze Apollo E-Liquid


The green apple wasn’t one of my favorites. I love apple flavors, but the flavoring in this was a little strong for me as it is. What I decided to do was use it as a mixer, and it worked a treat. Mixing it with berries or blueberry and banana made this juice more than vapable for me so if you try it and don’t like it on its own, give it a try with something else – it worked for me!


Green Apple Apollo E-Liquid


Kiwi Watermelon is another I gave a go, even though I’ve tried numerous watermelon juices and have yet to find one that I like – I felt it was worth a try since it had kiwi too. Did it work for me – unfortunately not.


Kiwi Watermelon Apollo E-Liquid


Most of my friends that tried it either liked it or loved it, but I just couldn’t find myself to vape it more than a couple of times before I had to move on to something else. I couldn’t really taste the kiwi either. I tried mixing it with other juices, but I found it to be too overpowering so decided it was one I wouldn’t vape again.

Grape is one of my favorite flavors to vape, so whenever I get a chance to try a new grape, I’ll usually jump right on it. Apollo’s grape is one of the best grape’s I’ve had. It has a nice strong grape flavor, and it’s easy to vape all day. As soon as I tried this I came back to get more, and it’s one of the few bottles I usually vape at least once a day. Grape work Apollo!


Grape Apollo E-Liquid


The Berry Blend is another flavor you just have to try if you like your fruity flavors. The combination of berry flavors works wonders and I can even distinguish the taste of the different berries. It’s another one of my favorites in their range, and always in my e-juice collection.


Berry Blend Apollo E-Liquid


Before I give my opinion on the Coffee, Cuppaccino and French Vanilla, I’d just like to point out that I rarely like anything I try other than fruit flavors. I don’t want my personal preferences to put you off trying these great juices.


French Vanilla Apollo E-Liquid


I have given every juice I’ve tried and hated to some of my fellow vaping friends to try to get their opinions on all of these flavors. The verdict, they think they taste awesome. I really didn’t like any of them, especially the French Vanilla, but most people disagree with me. This is also evident in the reviews (there are more reviews of all the flavors on the American version of the site).




  • Made in the USA
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Regular Offers




  • Flavor Variety




There are 5 nicotine strengths available:


  • Zero (no nicotine)
  • Low (6 mg nicotine)
  • Medium (12 mg nicotine)
  • High (18 mg nicotine)
  • Extra high (24 mg nicotine)




Apollo has a couple of bulk buying options that will help you save money. The price of a 10 ml e-liquid bottle is £4.95. A bulk pack has 10 bottles of e-liquids and sells for £37.95 and this brings the cost per 10ml down to £3.80.

Or you can go for the 5 x 30ml, which will cost you £54.95 and this brings the price down further to £3.66 per 10ml. They often have sales on their website, so it’s always worth checking them out!

If you’re in the UK then your order value has to be at least £30.00 to quality for free shipping. If you’re based outside of the US or UK shipping charges will depend on the method and carrier you choose.




Apollo is notorious for its high performance e-cigarette kits and accessories but the quality of e-liquids is just as important.

They’ve dedicated a lot of resources to providing its customers with a wide variety of flavors.

Some of the flavors are regular and others are novelty limited addition flavors, which are often released to the market to amplify the excitement and popularity for the brand.

Personally, I’d recommend giving your preferred flavors from this range a go.

They offer good value sample packs where you can try 5 10ml bottles, and they are almost always on offer – enjoy!


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