Apollo Nano Micro Kit Review

Micro Nano Kit By Apollo

In recent months, a lot of mini mods have been hitting the market. Some have been pretty good while others have been absolute crap.

The Nano Micro Kit by Apollo is yet another mini mod that aims to give full size performance in a small package.

To date, most Apollo products I’ve tried have been good quality, but does the Nano Micro continue this trend?




The Kit comes in a simple box with the words “Nano” boldly emblazoned in front, right next to an image of the mod itself.

The overall build quality and design is excellent.

Inside, you’ll find the mod, a Nano 1.8ml sub-ohm tank, an extra Pyrex glass tube, one extra 0.6ohm coil (for power mode only), a micro-USB cable, and an instruction manual.

Pretty standard stuff.




  • 1 x NANO Temp Control 50W 1200mAh Mod
  • 1 x NANO 1.8ml Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x Extra Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 1 x Extra 0.6 ohm Coil ( For Power Mode only)
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual




  • Compact Size and Power – 3.5in Tall with 50W built-in battery power
  • 3 Modes: Temperature Control, Wattage (Power) Mode, and Full Power (Bypass)
  • TCR adjustment for different temperature control wires: Ni200, Ti, and SS
  • Compatible with atomizers as low as 0.2 ohm
  • Bright and clear real time display
  • All in one battery with Micro USB charging
  • Built in safety features including 5 click lock, temperature protection, battery vent channels, overcharge protection and low voltage protection




There’s no question about it, the mod is absolutely tiny.

It comes in at just 3.5 inches tall with the tank.

Despite its minuscule profile, the Nano Micro has a lot of features you’d usually find on a full-sized mod.

For instance, it comes with temperature control (TC) and the option to use bypass mode. If you’re not familiar with temperature control, you can read about how it works here.

In TC mode, there is TCR adjustment compatible with Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel coils.

The Micro comes with a suite of safety features such as 5-clicks to lock, temperature protection, battery vent holes, overcharge protection, and low voltage protection.

Even in bypass mode, the safety features are in full effect, making the Nano Micro a capable mech mod that’s safer than a dedicated one.

The buttons are nice and clicky, and everything feels nice and solid. There are no rattles, and the adjustment buttons are highly responsive.

For the best part, the menu is easy to use, but there is a bit of a problem with it.

The problem is that your wattage will automatically set to the minimum 7 watts if you go into the mode settings and make no changes.

For instance, let’s say you’ve got your in wattage mode and you’ve got it set to a specific wattage. Say 35 watts for example. You then go into the mode settings and flick through wattage, TC and bypass…

You decide that you don’t want to change any of your settings so you go back to the main screen.

Once you do this, your wattage will be automatically set to 7 watts.

Yes, that’s right…for absolutely no reason, the mod resets the wattage to 7 watts even though you made no changes.

Admittedly, this is not a major issue because the mod still works fine. It’s just a little glitch that Apollo could have fixed quite easily if they’d done enough checks.

Sadly, this isn’t a firmware up-gradable device so you won’t see this problem fixed here.

Just bear this in mind if you get one.




There’s no question that the OLED display is quite small compared to most other mods.

This to be expected given its overall size. As small as it is, it is nice and bright and easily readable outside even if the sun’s out.

It also shows the necessary information at a glance including the mode set, settings, resistance, power, wattage, battery level, etc.

I’m impressed to see that they got all this in that small area to say the least.




The Nano Micro has a built-in battery which means you won’t be able to swap it for another when you run out of juice. The battery’s capacity is a little on the small size at just 1200mAh.

I don’t like that the USB charging port is located at the bottom of the mod. It forces you to lay it down while charging, and this means you’ll have to take the tank off to prevent any leaking.

Just another small inconvenience.

There is no pass-through charging with this so when you run out of battery you’ll have to wait for it to charge before you can vape it again.

Due to this, I’d recommend having a back up device, especially if you were a smoker who’s new to vaping.




Inside you’ll find the Nano Tank.

I like the flavor the coils produce, and the vapor production is pretty impressive for such a tiny device.

It is a top fill with a capacity of 1.8ml. You’ll find yourslef going through this quite quickly if you vape regularly, but you always have the option to swap this tank for something bigger if you have one.

I’m not a huge fan of the airflow design. The air holes are quite small and a little hard to adjust.

Overall, the tank does it’s job. It doesn’t leak, and is a nice extra to have with the kit. The inclusion of a spare coil and a spare glass are also welcome additions.




  • Pricey – It’s not cheap, but the inclusion of a tank makes the price a little more bearable
  • Small Battery – The battery size means heavy vapers should look elsewhere unless it’s for use as a backup and/or stealth vaping
  • USB Port Location – Located at the bottom means you’ll need to remove the tank when you charge to avoid leaks
  • No Pass Through Charging – You can’t vape while charging, which is a shame considering the size of the battery
  • Tank Capacity – At just 1.8ml, the tank capacity is not much, but given the TPD regulations, there’s not much choice here
  • Airflow Control – Air holes are small and adjusting it will take some getting used to
  • Menu Resets Settings – Whenever you dive into the mode settings it will reset your wattage to 7 watts




  • Bright Display – Very bright display makes it easy to read even under direct sunlight
  • Modes – The inclusion of not just power mode, but temperature control and bypass mode is great
  • Decent Tank – The tank performs decently, especially for something part of a kit
  • Performance – Overall performance is great with good flavor and vapor
  • Top Fill – Top filling means less hassles when refilling the tank
  • Free Postage – No need to pay extra to have the mod shipped!
  • Spare Coil and Glass – An extra coil and spare glass is always welcome
  • No Leaks – So far, I haven’t experienced leaks with the tank, which is a good sign
  • Ergonomic – Easy and nice to hold makes this mod a pleasure to use
  • Size – The size makes the Nano Micro easily pocket-able
  • Buttons – Clicky and very responsive. A sign of quality
  • Quick Charging – The battery may not be massive, but it does charge quick
  • Build Quality and Design – Overall build quality is great and the design is tastefully done
  • Color Choices – With five color choices, you at least have the option to choose one that matches your style and taste




If you’re a heavy vaper, the Nano Micro won’t be for you.

In fact, given the inclusion of everything, from battery to tank and coils, it’s targeted directly at beginner vapers looking for something more powerful than a vape pen, yet small enough to take around anywhere.

Despite not being recommended for heavy vapers, its performance and size does make it reasonable backup.

There are several less expensive mini mods, but if you can afford it, the Nano Micro Kit is a solid little mod despite some quirks.


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