iJoy Maxo Quad 315W Review

Ijoy Maxo Quad

Touted as the first quadruple 18650 box mod, the iJoy Maxo Quad promises a whopping 315 watt maximum output and longer battery life.

Powerful, long lasting, and customisable, I had high hopes for the Maxo. Does it deliver? Or is it just another mediocre product trying to cash in on the multi-batt mod craze?

Let’s dive in and see…




When you first open the standard box, you’ll find the mod, a USB cable (for updating only), eight additional stickers, and a warranty card.

The Maxo is a beast of a device with angular sides to aid in ergonomics, making it more comfortable to hold than the RX300. Colors available include red, yellow, black, and blue, but you can customise the mod’s appearance by replacing the stickers on its side.

The fire button sits on top, the OLED screen is in the middle, and the two adjustment buttons are just below the screen. I wasn’t impressed with the buttons. They are a bit flimsy and not clicky at all. At times they did seem to get stuck when I pressed them.

I was also not impressed by the 510 connector. Despite being spring loaded some atomizers wouldn’t sit flush to the device. Fair enough it was only a very small gap, but it’s a gap none-the-less.

The battery door is also a bit flimsy. When the batteries are inserted, the door doesn’t close properly which makes the mod all wobbly when it’s sat down.

Overall, the device looks and feels a bit cheap, and it’s not one that’s impressed me so far.

Will the functionality come to its rescue? Let’s see…




  • 1 x IJOY MAXO Box MOD
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 10 x Leather stickers
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty card




  • First Quad 18650 Box Mod
  • Chip Designed by IWEPAL
  • Dimensions: 3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 1-5/8″
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threads with Spring Loaded Contact Pin
  • Operating Wattage: 5.0 – 315.0W
  • Output Voltage: 1.0 – 9.0v
  • Output Current: 1.0A – 50.0A
  • Temperature Control Mode: Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Wattage Resistance Range: 0.06 – 3.0ohm
  • Temperature Control Range: 150 to 315C / 300 to 600F
  • Four modes: Normal, Hard, Soft and User
  • Requires (2) or (4) High Amp 18650 Batteries
  • Unique Ability to choose from a Dual or Quad 18650 Battery Configuration
  • 0.91″ OLED Display Screen
  • Stainless Steel Stretch Fire Button
  • Set of Stickers Included
  • Requires an External Charger (Sold Separately)
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Updates
  • Low Power Alert
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection




The Maxo is chock full of features that would satisfy even the most jaded vaper.

The wattage range is from 5.0 to 315 watts, while the output voltage is from 1.0 to 9.0 volts while output current runs up to 50 amps. The wattage resistance range is from 0.06 to 3 ohms.

In temperature control mode, the temp range is from 150 to 315C/300 to 600F with support for Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel coils.  There are also four ramp modes – normal, hard, soft, and user.

As with all variable mods these days, the Maxo has its fair share of protections such as low power alert, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, reverse battery protection, and overheat protection.




Sporting a bright 0.91″ screen, the Maxo can display a number of pertinent info such ohms, voltage, ramp mode, wattage, and battery levels.

The battery levels are for each set, not for the individual batteries themselves though.

In temperature mode, the screen displays your resistance, voltage, watts, temperature, the temp mode you are in, and the batter levels.

The menu system is pretty easy to operate, though beginners may find it confusing at first.




The Maxo is powered by two or four 18650 batteries. When two batteries are used, you can only set power up to 160 watts. To get the full 315 watts, you’ll need to use four batteries.

As expected, battery life is phenomenal. When vaping under 70 watts, you can easily get two to three days of vaping. When vaping at higher watts, expect the battery life to fall but still last plenty of time.

Keep in mind that you’ll need an external charger to charge your batteries. They’re not very expensive and are much safer for charging your 18650 batteries.




  • Dodgy Battery Door – Won’t close properly when batteries are inserted making it wobble when stood on end
  • Buttons Feel Cheap – Not very clicky and sometimes get stuck
  • Some Atomizers Don’t Sit Flush – You might want to test all your atomizers to see which fits best, limiting your options
  • Screen Doesn’t Show All Four Battery Levels – You’ll have to guess how much battery life each has when using the mod




  • Ergonomic – Better handling than the Wismec RX300
  • Nice Bright Screen – Easy to read even under sunlight
  • Simple Menu System – Menu is really easy to use
  • Long Battery Life – Vaping under 70 watts nets you up to three days of vaping
  • No Rattles – No irritating rattles when you shake it
  • Customisable Exterior – You can swap the stickers to suit your personal style
  • TC Works Well – No complaints when using TC mode




The iJoy Maxo Quad is a solid and decent mod functionality-wise. Its temperature control mode works well, as does its other modes, and gives great battery life when four 18650s are used.

However, its cheap feel and look might put you off, and you might prefer to take a look at the RX300 instead, which has a much more premium look and feel.

But, if you don’t care much about the aesthetics, the Maxo would be a pretty good choice for the price.


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