Innokin iTaste Kroma Review

Innokin Itaste Kroma

Petite yet powerful. That’s what the new iTaste Kroma from Innokin is all about.

Despite its small stature, the Kroma is big on features. With a Slipstream 2ml tank included, and powered by a built-in 2000mAh battery, you only need to add some juice to start vaping.

A nice little mod for beginners and advanced vapers alike. Let’s take a look at what you get…


Upon opening the box, you will be greeted with the mod and tank, as well as a 510 adapter. The adapter is there so you can use any 510 atomizer or tank with the Kroma.

You see, the way the mod is designed is that there is a small cavity to partially hide the Slipstream tank for a stealthier look.

The adapter ensures any other atomizer can be used, though any that are over 22mm will have some overhang.

Aside from the mod, tank, and adapter, you will also find two coils (one pre-installed), a 510 tool, drip tip, Micro USB charging cable, bag of spare O-rings, and a user manual.

The mod itself is made from a light weight alloy with a striking design that’s sporty.

The fire and adjustment buttons are located on the front, just below a small window where you can check the juice level.

The buttons lack the solid feel you get on many other mods and as a result feel a little cheap for my liking.

Overall, the Kroma is a stealthy, nicely designed mod, and the tank it comes with works well.

The only slight downer for me is that the lightweight material and buttons give the impression that this is a cheap device, despite it being very durable.



  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual




  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Maximum output Wattage: 75W
  • Maximum output Current: 35.5A
  • Maximum working Current: 27.5A
  • Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.1Ω (Minimum)
  • Temperature Control Mode: Ni (0.1-0.2 Ω), Ti (0.1-0.5 Ω), Stainless Steel 316L (0.2-1.0 Ω) coils are recommended



The Kroma is chock full of features that match most higher-end mods spec-by-spec.

The brains inside is an AETHON Chipset work well. The power output ranges from 6 to 75 watts with a max output current of 5 amps.

There is also temperature control (TC) with a range of 150 to 315C, adjustable in 0.5 increments, with support for Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

It can handle resistances down to 0.1 ohms. Unfortunately, there is no TCR which limits your TC options.

While in TC mode, you can adjust the wattage by holding the ‘-‘ and fire button simultaneously.

To go through all the vape modes, you press and hold the ‘+’ and fire button at the same time. While in the menu, you navigate the options using the adjustment buttons.

To confirm your choice, simply press the fire button.

To turn on the device, you click the fire button three times, which can be confusing for more advanced vapers since the usual routine is five clicks. To turn it off, another three clicks will do the trick.

The Kroma has some safety features in place, including a 15 second cut-off, low voltage, short circuit and overheat protection.

Unfortunately the Kroma can’t be updated via firmware upgrades. So all the quirks and issues present can’t be fixed. It’s all there to stay.

For such a small mod, the Kroma has most of the features of larger, more expensive mods. If you don’t care much about TCR, firmware updates, and don’t go beyond 75 watts, it’s perfect.


The display is located on the side of the mod, where you can check all important information such as the resistance, wattage/temperature, battery level, and puff timer.

The only problem is that the screen is a bit dim, making it hard to read outside.


The Kroma is powered by an internal 2000mAh lipo battery.

If you don’t go beyond 40 watts, this can last you most of if not the full day. If you’re a heavy vaper, you can expect to recharge at least once a day.

Fortunately, there is a 2A fast charging capability so you don’t have to wait too long (fully charges in less than 2 hours).

It also has passthrough so you can vape while charging.  One thing I don’t like about this MOD is that it’s missing an important safety feature: battery vent holes.

Innokin claim that the gas will escape through the USB port, but is this enough space for the battery to vent? Who knows, maybe it is.

I’m no expert, but I’d much prefer to have seen a few more vent holes.


The Slipstream tank that’s included in the kit is pretty straightforward both in appearance and use.

It only has a 2ml capacity, so be ready to refill several times a day. There is top airflow control and so far, I’ve had no spit-back.

Flavor and vapor is pretty average. What is good is that you won’t have any leaking issues unless you overfill it.

When you unscrew the top cap, you’ll find the coils attached underneath. A 0.8 ohm Kanthal coil comes pre-installed, and there’s an extra 0.5 ohm Stainless Steel coil in the box.

There’s also a delrin 510 drip tip with a spare stainless steel one or you can use your own 510 drip tip.



  • Three clicks to turn on – Instead of the usual five clicks to turn a mod on/off, the Kroma might confuse many longtime vapers
  • Mod and buttons feel cheap – Given the light weight of the materials used, this gives an impression that the mod is cheap
  • No battery vent holes – With no battery vent holes, it doesn’t feel safe to carry around
  • Dim display – The display is a bit dark, making it hard to use in open sunlight
  • No firmware upgrades – Without the ability to update, you have to live with the mod’s quirks and issues
  • No TCR – The lack of TCR limits your temp control options
  • Built-in 2000mAh battery – While the mAh is decent, having the battery built-in means you can’t swap out batteries any time. It does charge quickly though
  • Atomizer overhang – Due to the design of the mod, any atomizer or tank over 22mm will have an awkward overhang




  • Durable – Despite the cheap buttons and light weight, the Kroma is a pretty sturdy mod
  • Simple menu – Easy to access and navigate, this makes it perfect for beginners
  • Included Slipstream tank – With an included tank and coils, beginners will find most of what they need to start vaping.
  • Passthrough charging – To compensate for having a built-in battery, you can still vape on the Kroma while charging
  • Fast charging – The mod can be fully charged from having no battery in less than two hours
  • 510 Adapter – The included adapter ensure you can use your own 510 atomizers or tanks
  • Small size – The size makes it easy to transport and bring about anywhere
  • Instant firing – With an ultrafast 0.2 seconds from pressing the fire button to vapor, you won’t have to deal with firing delays with the Kroma
  • Temperature control – The Kroma has a TC mode that works well
  • Fires down to 0.1 ohms – Able to handle down to 0.1 ohms means you can put in most any coil you can get or build
  • Affordable – Priced around £40, you get goood of value for your money



The iTaste Kroma has it’s place for all kinds of vapers, but some of you may find the lack of TCR, firmware updates, and even the small space for atomizers a little off putting.

The deign is very unique and edgy, and I get the feeling that you’ll either love it or hate it.

In all, it is an affordable mod that does give good value for money.


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