JAC Vapor E-Liquid Review

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If you’re a UK-based vaper, you’ve probably heard of JAC Vapor, one of the most widely known e-liquids company in the country.

These days, international shipping makes it possible to buy products from all over the world so location isn’t always a factor when you’re buying e-liquid form overseas suppliers.

An interesting product that JAC Vapor includes in its line include “Clear Steam” vaporless e-liquids.

You might be thinking that vapor is kind of the point of an e-cig, and in many respects you’re right – but these products aren’t truly vaporless; they’re just designed so that the steam dissipates before you exhale.

This makes it perfect for those times when you need a little extra discretion while vaping. Let’s take a closer look at their range of e-juice.


  • Unique vaporless e-liquids offered
  • Many standard flavors, including nine tobacco blends
  • Five nicotine strengths
  • Choose from UK-manufactured or cheaper Chinese manufacture
  • Buy more, save more – bulk discounts available




The standard full-vapor e-liquids come in most of the flavors you’d want. There are nine tobacco blends, which is more tobacco flavors than many other companies offer, and five fruits (apple, watermelon, cherry, grape, kiwi), which is significantly less than usual.

They also have five varieties of mint/menthol, and don’t get much fancier than cappuccino or chocolate. For the most part, these are no-frills flavors that taste great but aren’t going to surprise you.




The five nicotine contents range from 0mg (zero) to 24mg (very high), with low, medium, and high contents in between the two.

With about a 6mg difference in between, it may be enough for you to notice the difference, yet shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to wean off nicotine if you’re just reducing one level at a time.




You can purchase JAC Vapor e-liquids in two sizes, and you have the option to buy UK-made or save money with their manufactured in China range. The Chinese 10ml bottles cost £3.99 or you can opt for a 20ml bottle for £6.99, while UK-made is £4.99/10ml and £12.99 for 30ml. The more you buy the more you’ll save.

Orders over £50 ship for free in the UK (or £80 in the rest of the world). Otherwise, standard shipping will cost £2.78.




Get five or more 10ml bottles and they’ll knock £1 off for each. Buy three 20ml bottles and the price per bottle is reduced to £6.49. Five, and they’ll only cost £6.19. As for the 30ml UK-made bottles, purchase three and they’ll cost £11.99 each.




Since UK bottle standards require childproof safety caps, JAC Vapor incorporates this feature for their e-liquids. Any products containing nicotine should be kept completely inaccessible to children.




Although JAC Vapor offers a money-back guarantee for their other products, e-liquids cannot be returned, even if they’re unopened.




  • Optional UK Made E-Liquids
  • Vaporless E-Liquids
  • Bulk Discounts




  • Variety of Flavors




If you’re looking for quality e-liquids that get the job done or vapor-less e-liquid and you’re not overly bothered about fancy flavors, JAC’s e-juice could be a good choice. Most of their juices have plenty of reviews to help you with your decisions.


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