Jac Vapor Series B Tilt Review

Jac Vapour Series B Tilt Personal Vaporizer

E-cigarette users can now look forward to using the illustrious Jac Vapor Series-B Tilt. It created such hype before its launch that it was pre-booked and the first batch sold out almost immediately.

A video was released introducing the new product to the market and it didn’t disappoint. Jac Vapor lived up to its name and its commitment to creativity and innovation. They’re famous for yearly modifications in their several e-cigarette models, which cater to almost every different type of vaper.

The first thing I noticed when I received this MOD was the quality of the materials and the quality build. It has a fantastic sleek and stylish design, it’s lightweight small and compact, and it’s been manufactured with 100 % safe materials. Let’s dive in…


  • Designed by Jac Vapor
  • Variable Wattage / Voltage
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Uses an 18650 Battery (not included)




The Tilt is compact, easy to hold in one hand, modern and stylish.

I opted for the LG HG2 18650 battery as an extra purchase but they no longer stock these.

They do, however, have several other high quality batteries to choose from.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best-looking MODs available today. Some people like the tilt while others scorn at it.

I personally really like it. It doesn’t seem to serve any particular function, but it looks good and it’s different!

The kit that I received had a Jac Series-B Tilt 40W MOD, a USB charging cable, and an easy-to-read user manual.

I added a couple of extras that included the LG HG2 battery as I mentioned and the Aspire Atlantis tank.




  • SERIES-B TILT 40W box mod
  • USB charging lead
  • Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty




  • Dimensions: 79mm x 22mm x 33mm
  • Wattage: Up To 40W
  • Battery: Single 18650 Flat Top
  • Resistance: 0.2 ohms – 3 ohms
  • Charging: USB Charging & Pass Through Capable




The Series-B Tilt is not designed for over-the-counter atomizers.

Although some regular clearomizers might give you a reasonable performance, the full extent of its potential can only be reached when you fit it with a Sub Ohm Tank.

The Tilt is quite capable of producing large clouds, but due to it only reaching 40W it wouldn’t suit any of you cloud chasers out there.

For me, it produces more than enough vapor.




This MOD uses the common 5-button click to power the device up and to turn it off.

Pressing the button three times will allow you to switch between wattage and voltage mode.

The smaller buttons allow you to adjust either the wattage or voltage, and it will go up to 40W.

Pressing and holding the plus and minus button will flip the screen 180 degrees.

And to vape it, you just hold down the power button as you vape.

I noticed a few people mentioned that changing the wattage can be time consuming by simply clicking the buttons since it increases and decreases by 0.1 watts at a time, but there is a quicker way of doing this.

Simply keep your finger on the up or down button to speed it up.




The MOD only kit does not come with a tank.

There are other kit options where you can get a tank included. You can either go for a tank that’s best suited to mouth-to-lung or direct lung inhale.

I prefer direct lung inhale myself, and I wouldn’t go for any of the tanks on Jac’s site having now tried most of then including the Aspire Atlantis, which I got from them.

If you like this MOD and you plan to direct lung inhale I’d recommend getting the MOD and a battery or two, but get your tank elsewhere unless any of these happen to pop up on their site.

In my opinion there are much better tanks available such as the Uwell Crown and Aspire Cleito.

Keep in mind that this only goes up to 40W so when choosing a tank, make sure the coils available with the tank recommend this amount of wattage.




The Series-B uses a replaceable 18650 high-drain rechargeable battery.

The battery doesn’t need to come out of the cover for recharging, but I personally prefer to take mine out and stick it in my NITECORE charger.

I’ve never been a fan of charging MODs with replaceable batteries from the device, even though it is deemed as perfectly safe.

There are only a couple of batteries that I’ve used in this device, and that’s the LG HG2 3000mAh and the Samsung 25R 2500mAh. As of today these are two of the best batteries you can get.

Jac used to offer the LG HG2 but no longer stock it, but they do have a 25R 2500mAh option, which I’d recommended getting if you didn’t want to get one from somewhere else.

To charge from the USB to Device you simply attach the USB cable and your MOD and it’ll charge within just a couple of hours if it’s fully drained.

The battery life of your Series-B Tilt is dependent on the kind of atomizer you are using in combination with the MOD. So far, the short recharging time has been a joy to me.

After using the MOD for more than 2 days I still have plenty of battery life and I vape quite regularly.

The only slight downfall with this MOD is that you have to plug the device in with the battery in order to charge it.

It would have been nicer to see it designed on the side or back of the mod so it could charge while standing upright.

Just small things that I’d like to see improved should they make an improved version in the future.




The starting price for the kit is £49.99.

There are no shipping charges for purchases over £50 all over the UK so it would be worth adding a battery or some e-liquid to take advantage of this.




The warranty and guarantee outlines of Jac Vapor are quite straight forward.

There is a 14-day money back guarantee for the device. If you receive your MOD in a dead condition, contact the customer service to have it returned immediately.

It also comes with 12-months warranty. The warranty only covers “manufacturing faults”.

If there happen to be any faults it will be repaired and returned to you in a working condition, and if it’s non-repairable Jac will simply send you a replacement.




  • Quality & Design of MOD
  • Variable Wattage & Voltage
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Reviews




  • Charging Port Location
  • Price Could Be Slightly Lower




The Series B Tilt is built to a much higher standard that most MODs of this category.

For this reason, I think it does get away with its price tag.

It’s not made of and neither does it feel like its made from cheap materials, and the size of it really is impressive.

I found myself using this more whenever I went out to a cafe or the pub for a few hours. Having a MOD that isn’t too bulky does come in useful.

If you like vaping under 40W I think you’d be over the moon with this MOD. It packs enough power to help produce good clouds and vapor.

Jac have put a lot of safety feature into this device.

This makes it a good place to start if you’re new to the world of MODs providing you have a bit of cash set aside for a battery or two and a decent tank.


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