OKCigs Rechargable 120 Gold Starter Kit Review

Ok Cigs Rechargeable Kit

When you are making your first foray into the world of e-cigs and vaping it can be tough to know where to start.

You’ll probably want to keep your costs as low as possible, especially if you are not sure what sort of nicotine strength will deliver what you need.

The OKCigs Rechargeable 120 Gold Starter Kit may help you quickly address these questions.


  • Portable Kit
  • Simple to Set Up & Use
  • Refillable Cartomizers
  • Inexpensive Starter Kit
  • Only 1 Battery Included




Like most e-cigs on the UK market, the design that OKCigs went with for their kit was to make it look as close to a regular pack of smokes as possible. The package is long, sleek, and rather nicely designed.

The e-cigs look about as close to standard cigarettes as it gets, and they have a feel and weight that might make you forget that you have gone for a vape instead of a puff.

Personally, I don’t care whether a cig-a-like kit looks like a packet of cigarettes in its design – I’m much more concerned with its performance and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at the 120 Gold Starter Kit.




  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 x Refill Tips
  • 1 x USB Charger




The OKCigs Rechargeable 120 Gold does deliver good vapor production and a good throat hit without feeling overwhelming. The amount of throat hit will depend on the strength of the nicotine.

When using some of the higher nicotine strengths I did find the throat hit to more harsh that a traditional cigarette, but it was still smooth enough to vape.




Out of the box, as there really is nothing complicated to figure out here. The package is used to charge the battery, and can be done by plugging into any USB port.

When I first vaped I did have to do a little sucking to get things going, but after that initial few inhales, things got much easier and more natural feeling.




The starter kit comes with three pre-filled tips, which will deliver about the equivalent of 120 cigarettes. This is an estimated figure, as some people will obviously take longer hits than others.

When it comes time to load up again, you can choose to purchase new tips, or you can order e-liquid bottles to refill the cartomizers – refillable cartomizers is always a massive plus in my books as purchasing additional cartomizers can be expensive.

Dealing with the liquid can be a little tricky, and you may end up losing some when you first try to refill. It shouldn’t take you long to get the hang of it though.

You have the option of tobacco, menthol, or cherry flavors, and nicotine levels that range from 1.5% to 4.5% (or 15mg to 45mg). 45mg is quite a high strength of nicotine even for a cig-a-like e-cig, and would really only be suited to you heavy smokers out there.




There is a single battery included in the Rechargeable Gold 120 kit, which may be a problem for those of you who vape a lot, but the kit is priced to reflect this.

The battery charger is lightweight and easy to carry around, but you may not always have access to a USB port for charging.

I always recommend purchasing at least one spare battery so you can always have one fully charged and in case one mal-functions.

If you’re having a successful vaping experience the last thing you need is an excuse to pick up another stinky.




If you’re looking for an inexpensive kit to get you started then you can’t really go wrong with this at £12.98. A spare battery will cost you an additional £5.98, and it’s worth getting.

Shipping costs aren’t too bad either. If you spend less than £20 you’ll have to pay £3.50 within the UK, but if you take your spend to £20 or more then you’ll get your shipping free. You can either get yourself some extra cartomizers or two spare batteries instead of just one, which is never a bad idea.




OKcigs will accept returns for faulty products if they’re returned within 14 days. It’s not the best time-frame we’ve seen, but it’s better than many that don’t offer any returns at all.




  • Portable
  • Simple to Use
  • Refillable Cartomizers
  • Low Priced Starter Kit




  • Only 1 Battery
  • No Plug-In Charger
  • Short Guarantee on Faulty Products




At just £12.98 for the starter kit, you really can’t go very wrong. This is a nice little portable starter kit that is an excellent introduction to the world of vaping and at a great price.

But it still has to be said that there are much better cig-a-like kits available, just check out our other cig-a-like reviews.


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