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Cola Shades By Dinner Lady Nic-Salt E-Liquid Review By E-Cigs Advice


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Cola Cola Cola….pretty much all of us love or can reminisce with the taste of it!

Whether it’s drinking cola, eating cola gummies, we’ve all been a fan of them at some point in our lives if not still already.

Today I’ll be writing a review about Dinner Lady’s Cola Shades. How does the juice taste? Is it a replica of the popular coca cola? Or is it just another subpar cola flavour that tries hard to match what we’ve all loved and enjoyed most our lives.

For full transparency, no affiliate links will be used in this review and this is not a paid review. The e-liquid was purchased by me, Carlos to try and for the purpose of writing this review.

All feedback is based on the reviewers experience with this product, some of which will be subjective since we all have our own opinion when it comes to flavour profiling and having our own preferred tastes.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see how good or bad Cola Shades is based on my experience…




If you’re not a cola drinker, but love the taste, then you’re in for a treat with Dinner Lady Cola Shades – because that’s exactly what you’re getting.

True cola flavours that for me, aren’t too sweet in this juice, vaping with a 50ml of Cola Shades Short-Fill bottle and added 10ml of 20mg flavour-less nic-salt, which makes it around 60ml of e-Liquid at approximately 3mg.

I’ve tried several ‘cola’ juices in my time, and most of them have been good. My favourite one I vaped about 2 years ago was by a company called Premium Labs based in Canada.

I stopped buying their cola range because it became too expensive to keep getting it delivered to the UK (where I’m based).

While their range has changed since I used to buy from them (I’m not sure if they even offer a cola falvour anymore), they did produce high quality e-liquid so if you’re from US/Canada they may be worth looking into.

And for the record, we have absolutely no affiliation with them (nor is that link above an affiliate link), but they deserve a shout out because I had nothing but good experiences from them in the past.

Anyway, back to the review…

Cola Shades by Dinner Lady is just as good flavour-wise. Not too sweet, nice and fruity and extremely hard to put down.

Better yet, it’s better for you than the drink and the sweets / candy since it has no sugar!

I haven’t tried this with normal nicotine (flavour-less non-nic-salt) so the flavour may vary here, but based on the experience with the nic-salt at 3mg it tastes just like the gummies and high quality cola.




Cola Shades by Dinner comes as a 30/70 PG to VG ratio in a shortfill bottle so you have space to add nicotine should you wish to.

So how much does Cola Shades by Dinner Lady cost?

At the time of writing this there are two options:





  • At the time of writing this review we have not been able to find a site that sells this e-liquid in the US, which is a shame. We will update this if anything changes!


The quality of juice certainly makes this one worth it, and that deal of being able to either buy two or mix and match 2 bottles for £22.00 is even more appealing.

Postage costs vary from £1.99 to £9.99 depending on how fast you’d like it delivered, but if you are not in a rush and can wait, and spend £30.00 or more you will get 100% free shipping.

Better yet, if you spend £50.00 or more, you’ll get next day delivery completely free.

Should you go for the next day delivery option, keep in mind that you’ll need to order before 3pm otherwise you may have to wait an extra day.

Also, during the current climate, keep track of Royal Mail’s delivery times, which may change due to the challenges they’re facing with deliveries during these uncertain times.




Pretty simple answer for me – yes!

I’m a ‘fruity’ vaper. I like my sweet (not too sweet) fruity vapes with some exceptions, and I’ve been vaping this for just under a week and I’m still not sick of it, which is rare. I often get tired of a juice after a few fills and move on, but this is one of the few I can vape all week, let-alone all day.

Admittedly, I still prefer their infamous Lemon Tart, but Cola Shades is up there with one of my fav’s from their range.




There are various distributors selling cola shades so don’t hesitate to have a shop around and see if there are any deals going on, but if you want to buy straight from the source, you can get them from:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!


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3 thoughts on “Cola Shades by Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review

  1. I love the flavour of the elf bar cola, can I get that flavour in a bottle to use in my e-cigarette tanks ?
    All the ones that I have purchased so far have not been any where near as nice.

  2. This is the first and only time i posted this coment please dont stop me from posting it Hey I was thinking about trying this juice out but after reading about it it sounds like a menthol vape juice please someone tell me it’s not and thar it has no kind of minty taste at all cus if it I’d then what’s the difference between dinerlady cola shades and dinerlady cola ice??? I figured because it had a different name that it was like the regular non menthol version I hate menthol are there any really good cola juices that are not menthol???

    1. The Cola Shades by Dinner Lady E-Liquid that I reviewed was not menthol. I am based in the UK so not sure if there are different variations in other countries. I hope this helps.

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