Sigelei SnowWolf 200W TC Box Mod Review

The Snow Wolf 200W


The next logical step for vapers who have reached their limit with low-cost vapourizers is to move up to something that delivers a little more in the way of personalization and functionality.

This usually means springing some series dough to get a box mod with a wide range of temperature settings.

While these devices, particularly those that go as high as 200W, can cost hundreds of pounds, there are some that are affordable yet very high in quality.

I would argue that the Snow Wolf 200W TC Box Mod is one that slots perfectly into that category.

It’s a device that is perfect for experienced vapers, whilst also having an ease of use that make it great for less experienced vapers.

Let’s take a closer look.




Asmodus and Sigelei have partnered to deliver a box mod that is about as aesthetically pleasing as it gets.

One look at the tribal looking etched silver wolf head on the box lets you know that you are in for something special, and the unit itself does not disappoint.

At first glance, you might mistake the glass and stainless steel box as a larger smartphone just waiting to be charged up.

It’s a sleek looking unit, and the branding etched into the side of the device just adds to the belief that this is a box mod that you probably paid an awful lot of money for.

When the device is powered up, the display is as clear as it gets, but we will get into that a little later on in the review.

The size of the Snow Wolf is larger than some others in this price range, but the weight is good, and it fits into the hand quite snugly.

If there is an issue with the overall design, especially the black one, it’s that it tends to look like a crime scene that has been heavily dusted for fingerprints.

It’s a little annoying to have to constantly wipe it down, but given what it delivers, it’s worth the hassle.




  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • High input voltage warning
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Overheating prevention




  • Accommodates 2 18650 sized batteries
  • Variable wattage range: 5.0 – 200 watts
  • Output voltage range: 0.5 – 7.0 volts
  • Atomizer resistance range: 0.05 – 2.5 ohm
  • Battery voltage range: 6.2 – 8.4 volts
  • Temperature control range: 100 – 350°C / 212 – 662°F
  • Supports both Kanthal and nickel wires




As mentioned earlier, this is a box mod that anyone, regardless of experience, will have no problem with right out of the box. There are really only two controls to worry about here, which are temperature and wattage.

Simply select which one you want, and then toggle up and down the range using the stainless steel “+” and “-“ buttons.

The buttons are incredibly responsive, and give a nice little click with each and every push.

The Snow Wolf 200W TC Box Mod has an auto sensing feature that will instantly recognize the type of coil that you are using before deciding whether to operate in regular or temperature mode.

This is another feature that makes the device equally impressive for newbies and experienced vapers alike.

The fire button on this device is also very receptive, and may in fact be a little too much so.

I really recommend using the 5-click method to power down, as this thing will fire up if you happen to accidentally nudge against something that causes the button to be clicked.

I have experienced battery drain and busted atomizers due to that, but learned my lesson pretty quickly.




The OLED display sits at the top of the unit, and is big, bright, and bold. There is absolutely no mistaking what your wattage or temperature setting is at with this one.

It’s an uncluttered display that is definitely very easy on the eye.




Power is delivered via 2 x 18650 batteries, and the amount of vaping time that you get on a full charge is pretty impressive.

One thing that may be off-putting to a few of you is that there is no USB charging option for this device.

That means ether investing in some spare batteries, a charger, or perhaps even both.

There are many vapers who are not entirely sold on the USB charging concept anyway, so this may not be a big deal to those guys.




  • A little bit of a fingerprint magnet
  • Fire button can easily be activated if nudged when being carried around
  • Couple of long draws required to get vapor delivery when first fired up




  • Beautiful sleek design, yet still rugged enough to handle the occasional drop
  • Easy to control temperature and wattage buttons
  • Pricing is about as good as it gets for a 200W box mod
  • Auto coil sensing makes this thing highly customisable
  • Great charge time via the 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Number of safety features (overheating protection, low resistance protection, and more) included




It has to be said that the pros heavily outweigh the cons with this great device.

I love that I can attach different coils and not have to mess about with the settings, and I also really enjoyed that this was a device that I could use right out of the box without a huge learning curve attached.

While this may look like a delicate piece, it has easily withstood a couple of drops, and the fingerprint issue is something that can be solved with the purchase of a silicon cover.

Just be sure to do the 5-click power down with this one while not in use, and you will have a box mod that should serve you well for a very long time.


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