SMOK H-Priv 220W Box Mod Review

Smok H-Priv 220W Box Mod Review

SMOK have been making good box mods for quite some time now, although there have been some issues with the temperature control settings on their devices in the past.

All of that seems to be behind them now if the H-Priv 220W is anything to go by. This is a great looking unit that packs a serious punch, and which has become a big hit with the vaping community.

It’s not a perfect device by any means, though, so let’s take a little bit of a closer look.




The SMOK H-Priv 220W comes in a great looking box that actually has a very nice feature on the outside.

The front of the box shows exactly what the device looks like, while the back reveals everything that is contained within.

It’s the side of the package where the interesting stuff happens, as that is where you will find a scratch-off verification code.

The market is awash with cheap knock-offs, which is why you want to be sure that you are getting the actual unit that you paid for.

Once you open the package, you will find a card that shows you how to verify your box mod using the code.

Everything is laid out very nicely on the inside, and you cannot help but be impressed by the sleek design of the H-Priv.

This is indeed a unit that is very pretty to look at, with a two-tone color design that is very sharp indeed.

You have a choice of white and red or black and red, and both are equally appealing.

The unit itself fits snugly in the hand, and the layout of the controls makes it easy to get at everything you need with very little fuss.

The kit contains the mod, an excellent Micro TFV4 tank, a USB charging cable, two coils, and a little plastic baggie that contains a number of different spare parts.

It’s essentially all you need, plus a little more. But it does have its flaws…




  • 1 x H-Priv TC MOD Box (220W)
  • 1 x Micro TFV4 Tank (22mm) / 2.5ml, 3.5ml
  • 1 x 0.3ohm Micro Fused clapton core (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.25ohm Micro SS Dual core
  • 1 x Replacement XL glass tube
  • 1 x Tank extension adapter
  • 1 x Red Smok vape band
  • 1 x USB charging/Upgrading cable
  • 1 x User Manual




  • Size: 91 x 55 x 25 mm• Voltage Range: 0.35V–8V
  • Power Range: 6W–220W
  • Temp Range: 200F–600F/ 100°C–315°C
  • Resistance Range: 0.06ohm–3.0ohm (TC mode); 0.1ohm–3ohm (VW mode)
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Micro TFV4 Tank
  • Size: 22 x 47mm
  • Capacity: 2.5ml / 3.5ml
  • Material: Glass and Stainless Steel
  • Thread: 510




Before we get into the guts of this thing, let me suggest that you upgrade the firmware before you get started.

I found that there was a slight delay in the firing before I went with the upgrade, and I’m not alone here. It’s easy to do, and will prevent a little bit of frustration on your part.

Okay, so the first thing that has to be said is that this is a powerful little unit that can go all the way up to 220 watts, which should be more than enough for anyone.

To get started, you hit the fire button 5 times, which is a common firing up method for many mods.

Here is where I found my first real dislike, and I will confess that it may just be me being a little too picky.

The sound that the fire button makes when you push it is a little tinny, and it makes the whole thing feel a little cheap.

Like I said, picky, but you just expect more when you see how great the unit looks.

Once you have it powered on, all the relevant info is displayed on the OLED screen on top of the unit. We will talk more about that later in the review.

Another 3 clicks takes you into the menu, which is where you can control the wattage, the temperature, and the memory.

There is an awful lot of clicking going on in this part of the set-up, and it all seems a little too convoluted to me.

I like a mod that you can turn on, quickly adjust to your desired settings, and start using quickly. This one takes a little bit of getting used to.

Once you have chosen your temperature setting (200-600 degrees Fahrenheit) you are then prompted to choose the type of wire (nickel, titanium, stainless steel, etc.) that is being used.

This is handy if you like to change things up a little bit when you vape.




he display screen is located on top of the unit, right below the tank, which is a little different than the usual side position.

The information delivered onscreen is clear, and offers up everything that you need to know at a quick glance.

By going back into the settings, you can change the contrast of the display, as well as the position of the information.

Again, there is an awful lot of clicking going on to make all of this happen.

The top display could prove to be problematic, as there is always he change of a liquid leak that gets inside the screen.

There have also been reports of the display fogging up during use, but this isn’t a problem I’ve had.




The SMOK H-Priv is powered by a pair of rechargeable 18650 batteries, which is about standard for these types of units.

Getting into the battery compartment is done via a sliding cover, and while getting in there is easy enough, getting that cover back on can be problematic.

I found myself fiddling with this thing every time I had to take it off and on. It’s another small annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but those little things tend to add up.




  • Power button feels and sounds cheap
  • Overly convoluted set-up and controls
  • Firing delay without firmware upgrade
  • Battery cover is tough to get back on




  • Excellent price point
  • Nice ergonomic design
  • Powerful batteries
  • Good control over temperature settings
  • Goes all the way up to 220 watts




The H-Priv Kit comes in at a starting price that makes it appealing to most vapers, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve making the swtich from a cig-a-like or vape pen – there are much simpler devices around.

If you are intent on buying this model, you really need to take the time to read the instructions that come with it.

The set-up can be a little tricky, but it is something that you get used to.

The things that bothered me with this unit may not be an issue for you, so I am not going to completely dismiss this one.

There is still a lot to like, especially if other peoples’ reviews are anything to go by, and you really cannot bat the price that it sells for.


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