SMOK Marshal G320 Mod Review

Smok Marshal G320 Mod



SMOK has earned quite a reputation for producing affordable yet quality mods and vape gear.

What we have here is perhaps the most powerful in its stable, the SMOK Marshal G320.

As you can tell from its name, the Marshal can put out up to a whopping 320 watts of power.

But does this power translate to good performance?

Here we take a look…




Inside the box you’ll find the Marshal G320 mod, a USB cable, and a user manual.

 For a triple 18650 device the Marshal is surprisingly ergonomic. While its design can be polarizing there’s no question the mod is easy to grip and use due to its rounded corners.

The fire and adjustments buttons are nice and clicky, though there is some play and they do rattle a bit.

The adjustment buttons are too close together for my liking, which makes it more difficult to adjust casually.

I may be being a little picky here, but these small flaws really do make a difference to my vaping experience.




  • 1 x Marshal G320 Mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual




  • Size: 88.5×61.5×29.6mm
  • Battery: 3 x 18650 Battery (Not Included)
  • Power Range: Max. 300W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3Ω (VW) / 0.06Ω-2Ω (TC)
  • Temperature Range: 200℉–600℉/100℃–315℃




Able to push 320 watts of power, the Marshal boasts SMOK’s newest chipset. SMOK say that this new chip gives improved accuracy, power management, and improved features over its previous models.

There is temperature control, which supports the usual SS, Ni200, and Ti coils, and it has a temperature range of 200F to 600F.

You are able to adjust wattage in TC mode, with manual TCR too.  

I like the fact that you can use the Marshal with two or three 18650’s. When in dual battery mode power is limited to 220 watts.

Another feature found in the Marshal that is becoming more common in some of the latest MODs is its Bluetooth capabilities.

This lets you update the mod via OTA (over-the-air) technology.

If you have a smartphone running iOS or Android you’ll also be able to connect the mod to a smartphone and access the mod’s smart app.




The large 0.96 inch OLED display is located at the top of the mod.

It shows information such as the battery levels for each battery, the temperature, amps, resistance, voltage output, what mode you’re in, and puff counter.

The only downside of having all this information on the screen is that the font is really small.

This does make it a pain to read, especially if have less than perfect eyesight like me.

That said, the menu system is well-organised and really easy to use.




I have yet to meet anyone that at 200 watts let-alone 300 + watts.

I tend to vape anywhere around 60-80 watts and get enough battery life to last a couple of days in a single charge – and I vape quite regularly throughout the day.

If you’re a heavy vaper that uses more than 100 watts of power, you should still get a full day’s use without having the recharge.

I found the battery door to be a little difficult to open and close, especially when three batteries are inside.

SMOK haven’t designed this very well because the batteries just do not feel as though they are a good fit when the battery door is closed.

I thought maybe it was just a design flaw on my device until I checked online and found that most other complaints revolve around the same problem.

You can charge your batteries via USB, though it is recommended to use an external charger.

However, if you do need to charge it via USB, the mod does have a balanced charging feature that will help all batteries charge as evenly as possible.




  • Poor Adjustment Button Placement – Too close together, this makes adjusting settings a bit of a pain
  • Button Play and Rattle – There is a fair amount of play with the buttons and they do rattle a bit. Not a deal breaker by any stretch, but it can get annoying
  • Flawed Battery Door Design – Difficult to open and close. Though it might be easier using different batteries. But in my experience, it can be a hassle
  • Menu has Small Fonts – The menu may be organised well, and a wealth of information is displayed, but the cost is small fonts that can be difficult to read




  • Organised Menu – Easy to use and offer a wealth of information
  • Ergonomic – For a triple 18650 device, the Marshal is surprisingly ergonomic
  • Clicky Buttons – Using the mod is a pleasure due to the satisfying clicks of the buttons
  • Can Adjust Wattage in TC Mode – Combined with TCR mode, this feature ensures you can tweak your vape to your exact specifications
  • USB Port on Side – No need to lay the mod down and risk leakage while charging
  • Balanced Charging via USB – If you really need to charge your batteries via USB, balanced charging gives you peace of mind
  • Bluetooth Capabilities – Having the option to do OTA updates and connect to a smart app just gives added value to an already high value mod





There’s no doubt that the Marshal G320 is a powerful and efficient mod.

The power and features should make this one of the best mods to come out of SMOK, but I can’t dismiss the issues with the buttons and battery door.

SMOK have been around too long to make these kind of mistakes.

The design may not suit everyone, but its edgy design will be welcomed by a lot of you.

For the money, the SMOK Marshal G320 does offer a lot of bang for your buck.

It may have some issues, but the wealth of features and power definitely makes up for it.


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