Smoker’s Angel E-liquid Review

The Smokers Angel E-Liquid


Smoker’s Angel may not be the biggest e-cig brand in the world, but they hold their own in the UK.

The Smoker’s Angel breaks their e-liquids into two general types: their 15ml bottles, which are produced in China, and their 10ml premium UK bottles.

Although fewer flavors are available if you opt for the premium, it’s nice to have the freedom to choose. Here’s how their e-liquids stack up.


  • Has special UK-inspired flavors like Gower Power, Banoffee Pie, and Cherry Bakewell
  • Available in 10ml (made in UK) or 15ml (made in China)
  • 5-6 options for nicotine content
  • £3.99 per 10ml
  • Free shipping on orders over £20




When competing with companies that offer hundreds or thousands of e-liquid blends, Smoker’s Angel might seem underwhelming.

They have a total of 25 Chinese-made e-liquids and ten UK-made (with some flavor overlap).

However, that’s more than enough to keep you vaping new flavors for a while even if not all of them match your taste.

Here are some to pay attention to:


  • Tobaccos: Popular choices are American Red, Desert Blend, Havana, and UK’s own Gower Power.
  • Fruit Flavors: These days, you can find e-liquids in just about every fruit flavor out there. The Smoker’s Angel doesn’t try to make them all, but they do hit most of the big ones. For something a little different, try Mixed Fruit or Lemon Sherbet.
  • Drink-inspired: Coffee, cola, or pineapple-coconut rum. All are rated well.
  • Sweets: If you’re looking for a wide range of dessert flavors, you’ll be better served elsewhere; here, bubblegum and caramel are about the extent of it.
  • Uncommon Flavors: Rather than just sticking to standard tobacco and fruit blends, Smoker’s Angel has developed some that you won’t find many places elsewhere. Try the classically English flavor of Banoffee Pie, the tart-inspired Cherry Bakewell, or Raging Bull, a Red-Bull-style vape.




There’s a pretty good range of options as far as nicotine content goes.

Most flavors come in five strengths from 0% to 2.4%, and select kinds go all the way up to 3.6% for heavier smokers who need that extra power in the throat hit of their vape.




Nicotine can be highly toxic if ingested, so it’s important that children are unable to open bottles.

Smoker’s Angel does not specify whether their bottles are childproof, so if you try their e-liquids make sure to keep them out of reach of youngsters.




The affordability of Smoker’s Angel e-liquid is definitely one of its biggest positives: the 10ml UK-produced bottles cost only £3.99, and the 15ml are similarly inexpensive at £5.99. Orders over £20 ship for free, though that may be a lot of e-liquid to get at once. Less than £20 will ship via Royal Mail first class for £2.99.




You may return your order for up to 7 days after receiving the product; however, returns are only accepted if the e-liquids are in their original, unopened packaging.

Keep this in mind because you’ll only be able to take advantage of this if you change your mind between purchasing and opening.




  • Choice of UK Made E-Liquids
  • Free Shipping Option
  • Low Prices




  • Variety of Flavors




Smoker’s Angel e-liquids are good quality and sold at a really low price. If you don’t feel the need for thousands of options you should consider having a look.

Having said this, their range of e-liquid has improved considerably over the last year or so.

I tend to stick to a few flavors I know I like, but I do like to experiment with new flavors every-so-often so I’d prefer more selection.

If you do give them a go, try to leave reviews of your own on their website to help others.


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