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Volcano E-Liquid


Founded in Hawaii in August 2009, Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes grew quickly to become an international brand that delivers high quality products all over the world. As a fan of American e-liquids, I knew I had to try their offerings at least once. So, here’s my take on their e-liquids and shopping experience overall.




Volcano was established in Hawaii, but it has expanded its reach to Norway, Japan and even the U.K. This means that you can get the best American e-liquid without spending the astronomical rates of shipping.

And these are truly the best as they’re made from hand-selected pure ingredients and tested at an independent, accredited facility for quality.

Further complementing its collection of e-liquids is a wide range of innovative products like different sized e-cigs in different colors, long-lasting batteries, and interchangeable accessories.

Volcano also takes pride in offering exceptional customer support via phone. However, you may not even need to call since the company’s informative blog has a load of product information which you can search through.

Other perks that come to show the company’s dedication to its customers include a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, numerous contests and giveaways, flavor of the month, and customer of the week prizes.

Now you may think that all of these perks will cost you; I thought so too until I clicked the Company Tab and discovered the Deals pages.

First, you have the Deals Club page, which is where you can sign up for Volcano’s Deals Club and be the first to know about new products, limited-time hot sales and exclusive offers.

The second, which is my personal favorite right now, is the Volcano E-Cigs Points and Rewards System. Once you sign up for this program, you’ll start collecting 10 award points for every £10 you spend.

You can then redeem the points at the rate of £1 per 10 points. You can collect more points through referring a friend. By sending your referral code and URL to a friend, you can earn 25 points (£2.5 worth) when they make a purchase.

And if you’re feeling generous, you can even send points to surprise a fellow e-cigarette smoker and share the gift of vaping.

Volcano has three categories of e-liquids. Each of these contains a mix of products that makes picking just a few e-liquids a challenging task.




Volcano’s signature e-liquid line LAVA offers a range of flavors that represent different parts of the world to provide vapers with a world-class experience. Each of the following is available in 30ml bottles and in five strengths (0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml).


Representing Italy, this e-liquid claims to offer a sweet blend of biscotti dipped in white chocolate and further accentuated with hazelnut and dried cherry. While reviewers gave it an average of 4.5 stars, they mentioned that this liquid is more “chocolate-ish” and far from overbearing. There aren’t any buttery or soapy undertones either.


Volcano E-Liquid Vesuvius



For Japan, Volcano chose a delightful blend of mandarin oranges that make way to hibiscus and cherry blossom flavors after the first intake. While this may not be the type of flavor I’d personally choose, many have found this balanced blend refreshing, especially in summer.


Volcano E-Liquid Fuji



Like Iceland, the Grímsvötn e-liquid combines all the cool flavors around. In addition to brambleberry skyr, you’ll get a whiff of vanilla and mint. However, reviewers noted that the latter two flavors are more subtle after-tones. Still, this is an unusual blend, but it’s quite enjoyable.


Volcano E-Liquid Grimsvotn


Diamond Head

Representing Hawaii, this e-liquid is a tropical explosion that combines passion fruit, guava nectar and sugared orange. The vape loses its tangy edge on exhale, but is a really nice flavor that I’d highly recommended if you like your fruity exotic flavor.

Volcano E-Liquid Diamond Head





Made from hand-selected ingredients, the Volcano Premium E-Liquid is made from 99.7% pure and natural propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

The line features six categories – Tobacco, Menthol, Candy, Dessert, Beverage, and Fruit – and over 30 flavors.

Unlike the LAVA line, the Premium line offers you a choice between 15ml and 30ml. You also get to choose from four strengths: Strong (24mg/ml), Full (16mg/ml), Light (8mg/ml), and Zero Nicotine.




Unlike the LAVA line, the Premium line offers you a choice between 15ml and 30ml. You also get to choose from four strengths: Strong (24mg/ml), Full (16mg/ml), Light (8mg/ml), and Zero Nicotine.

Each packet contains five pre-filled cartomizers of Wakiki Watermelon, Cherry Lava, Pineapple Punch, Menthol, Bluewater Punch, Milk Chocolate, Coocoo Coconut, Tobacco, Kona Coffee, Blanks, or Vanilla Bean. And these are worth every pound as all reviewers state that the flavors are authentic.




The LAVA line is offered for £14.99 while the Magma Pre-Filled Cartomizers is sold for £7.95 or £4.99 if you get there fast enough for the sale.

The Volcano Premium E-Liquid is sold for a minimum of £9.99 per bottle, Volcano offers a great deal – four bottles for the price of three.

The cost of the fourth bottle will be discounted at the checkout stage, so you’ll need to order the fourth as well. Also, make sure to skim through the reviews under each flavor to determine whether or not it’s perfect for you.

As for shipping, you can opt for free shipping and delivery via the UK’s Royal Mail Service.

However, this doesn’t track or insure your purchase, which is why I decided to go for the more secure 48-hour delivery option for £2.99 per order.

If you want your products earlier, you can go for the 24-hour Next Day Delivery, which is available between Monday and Friday for £5.99 per order.

If you’re an EU resident who wants Volcano’s e-liquids, you can pay £5.99 per order for 3-5 day delivery sent to your country’s national postal service.

On the other hand, you can choose the more secure UPS courier option, which costs £16.99 per order and delivers within 3 days.

As for international orders, these cost £7.99 per order via national postal service (5-7 days) or £44.99 per order via UPS (4 days).




As their products can’t be repackaged or resold, Volcano doesn’t offer a full money back guarantee. Even the full warranty against manufacturing defects doesn’t cover e-liquids.

You can, however, use it for all electronic products aside from those excluded in the Warranty Limitations section.




  • Customer Service
  • Reward Points
  • Free Shipping
  • Flavors




  • Warranty




Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes is definitely a blessing if you seek premium U.S. made e-liquids in the U.K.

While delivery charges may seem steep, especially considering the fact that delivery is a bit costly, you have many ways to save on your orders and get the best value for money.


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