Wismec Presa TC75W Review


If you’re looking for a mod with a stylish flair and creative design to step you up from more basic box mods then you may want to check out the Presa TC75W.

This single 18650 battery mod by Wismec is ideal for moderate vapers, or frequent vapers that either need a back-up or a ‘going out’ mod, which is what I mainly used it for due to its compact size.

Let’s take a closer look…


The Wismec Presa TC75W comes in two colors, silver and black.

I prefer the silver version since the black paint seems to flake off quite easily giving the mod a battered and tattered look, even with just light use.

In the box you will find the mod, a 510 adapter, and a USB cable.

Wismec did not include a wall charger or an 18650 battery so if you don’t have them already you’ll need to purchase these separately.

The box also comes with an instruction guide that includes the settings and instructions on how to use your new vape.

This mods design is far from boxy with a nicely curved shape making it easy to hold.

While the front of the mod has a nice sloping curve that fits in your fingers or palm, the back is flat for easy gripping.

The front of the unit has a small lock to help you avoid accidently powering it up while it’s not in use.

There are two parallel buttons to adjust your settings and also to increase and decrease the wattage or temperature if you’re in temperature control mode.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the fire button yet, it’s because the front panel itself is the fire button.

Wismec broke the mold by making the power/fire button a panel instead of a small button.

This means that you don’t have to be reaching or scrambling to fire your mod. It’s one of my favorite ‘fire button’ designs and makes it super easy to use.

You can fire it with your fingers or the palm of your hand depending on how you hold it, and it’s very responsive.



  • 1 x Presa VT75W body
  • 1 x 18650 2100mAh battery
  • 1 x eGo adapter




  • Dimensions: Length 85mm, Width 39.3mm, Diameter 23mm
  • Output modes: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/VW/Bypass
  • Wattage output: 1-75W
  • Temperature ranges: 100-315oC (200-600oF)
  • Resistance ranges: 0.05 – 1.0ohm in TC Mode, 0.1 – 3.5ohm in VW/Bypass mode



Wismec put a lot of thought into the Presa TC75W.

For a single 18650 battery operation, 75 watts is more than enough to meet your needs. I tend to only use up to around 50 watts on a single 18650.

I found that using it at around 50W gave me good battery life and a nice vape.

If you’ve got a spare battery in your bag or pocket then it shouldn’t matter too much if you want to take it up to its full potential, but I don’t think you’ll find it that necessary.

The Presa turns on and off with 5 taps of the power button like most box mods.

You also get stealth mode, which means that the display will go dark if you hold down the power button and the left most setting button while it’s turned on.

This can be convenient for nighttime vaping or if you don’t want to bother others.

This mod is also built to be temperature controlled. This feature works with Nickle, Titanium and Stainless steel coils.

It can be adjusted by tapping the power button 3 times to open the menu. From there you will be able to change between the various temperature coil types as well as wattage and voltage mode.

Another feature that Wismec added is the chip, which can be upgraded in the firmware.

This allows you to keep your MOD up-to-date as new features or potential bug fixes are released in later firmware updates.


The OLED screen is pretty impressive.

The screen is huge in comparison to the size of the MOD! No more squinting at a small screen to make out what’s going on, this box mod’s screen has the space needed to show everything.

The screen is separated into 5-6 sections; temperature, power/voltage, wattage, amps, puff count and battery. I say 5-6 because depending on the software you have on your mod will affect how your display looks.

With the Presa turned off, if you hold down the fire button and the left settings button, the settings will turn upside down.

Personally I don’t like the upside-down setting, but it may be something you prefer, and, let’s face it, it’s nice to have options!


The Wismec Presa runs on a single 18650 battery that goes into the back of the unit. The battery is affected by the settings you use when you vape.

In TC mode you should be able to preserve the battery longer than if you was simply in the standard wattage mode.

You are also able to charge your battery from the micro USB port so if you forget a spare battery you could plug your mod into a wall or computer and keep vaping on.

While it’s absolutely fine to do this, we’d recommend that you use a separate charger to charge your 18650’s instead of charging it directly through the USB port of the device if you have one.



  • The battery door is a little difficult to attach to the mod’s body. It also is not a completely snug fit being a little annoying to some.
  • The Presa does not include a battery in the kit or a wall adapter. While this may not be a bother to some vapers who already have those products, it can be an extra expense if you don’t already own one.
  • The paint on the black mod chips off easily giving it a very cheap or fake appeal.




  • The fire button on this mod is different and also easy to use. It can be pressed easily with either your fingers or your palm depending on how you enjoy holding it.
  • The chip in the Presa is upgrade-able so you can keep it running and up to date with the latest vaping software
  • This mod comes with a USB charger allowing you to charge your battery in the mod or separately



The Presa is easily one of the best single 18650 mods I’ve owned so far.

It’s easy to use, combines plenty of features for different vape styles, and you can currently get it form Gearbest for less than £30! This is an absolute bargain.

Do note that if you buy it from Gearbest you’ll more than likely have to wait around 2-4 weeks for delivery as they’re a company based in China.

I have purchased from them several times without issue using the free postage option.

If you opt to get this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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