Blu Cigs Review – Blu PLUS+ Charge Kit

Blu Plus+ Charge Kit



One of the biggest names in cig-a-likes, Blu stays the course with its new offering, the Blu Plus+ Kit.

With better vapor production and a nice charging kit to keep you puffing, the Blu Plus+ tries hard to keep up with the advanced mods proliferating the market today.

But does it live up to its promises?




The Blu Plus+ kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, a pack of tobacco flavor cartridges (18mg nicotine strength), a slim carry case that doubles as a portable charger, and a USB charger.

The Blu PLUS+ has a smooth finish to it that is nice to the touch. The branding is prominent, but not distracting. The charging case also has a nice finish to it and its size resembles that of a packet of cigarettes, just slightly thinner.

There is a blue LED at the tip of the batteries that light up whenever you puff on it. The idea here is that it lights up similar to the tip of a cigarette when it is puffed on.

Everything is made well and looks premium. It’s one of the sleekest and best looking cig-a-likes around in my opinion.

However, we all know that looks aren’t enough, so let’s see how it functions and performs…




  • 1 x Portable Charging Case recharges your batteries on the go up to 6 times
  • Carry 2 batteries in your pack
  • 1 x USB cable to charge up your pack
  • 2 x Tobacco 1.8% nicotine strength cartridges




The batteries are fairly simple to operate; you simply have to puff on it to activate. The draw is smooth and you don’t have to exert much effort inhaling to get a good mouthful of vapor.

Vapor production is pretty good for a cig-a-like. I’d say that the vapor production is very similar to the smoke you’d exhale from a cigarette.

When charging a battery, you don’t have to screw it in unlike previous models from Blu, which is definitely an improvement. It lessens the hassle of charging. You simply insert the battery (without a tank attached), close the case, and your battery will start to charge.

The charging case has five slots in all. One slot is reserved for charging, one for the other battery with a tank attached. The other three hold extra cartomisers.

As a starter kit, nothing could be simpler. No hassle charging, no fiddling with settings, and no buttons to activate. You simply plug and play, so to speak.



With so many more powerful devices on the market today you can’t expect much from cig-a-like batteries. The amount of charge they hold is so minimal when compared to the more powerful vape pens and MODs.

The Blu Plus+ is rated at 150mAh, and you can expect to do a lot of charging during the day. Some other cig-a-likes offer larger capacity batteries that do go longer, such as the Jac Vapor V1C+ PCC kit.

The charging case does help the Blue PLUS+ out a lot though. Once the case is fully charged it will recharge your batteries about three to four times before it needs a new charge.

To charge the case you use the included micro USB charger.




The cartomiser included comes in tobacco flavor only – this is a huge blow for me since I don’t vape tobacco anymore. I usually stick to fruity flavors.

If you’ve never vaped and try this tobacco for the first time  you may be lucky and enjoy the flavor. But if you’ve vaped different flavors you probably already know whether or not you like tobacco flavors.

Blu are missing a trick here. They should really let us  choose our own. If you want to try different flavors, you’ll have to purchase separate refill packs.

While it’s not necessarily a cheap option, it’s something I’d recommend doing if you buy this kit in case you don’t like their tobacco.




  • Tobacco flavor only – Unless you’re a fan of tobacco flavors, you’re stuck with this unless you buy separate cartomisers
  • 18mg Only – The nicotine strength is fixed at 18mg, unless you purchase extra cartomisers of another flavor and strength
  • Paltry battery life – Compared to other cig-a-likes, the battery here is not up to par, requiring frequent recharging




  • Two batteries – Batteries don’t last long, so having two is a huge plus
  • Good vapor – Vapor production is good, similar to traditional cigarettes, though it won’t win any cloud chasing competitions
  • E-liquid made in USA – Usually means you’re getting better quality
  • Easy to use – From charging to actually using the device, everything is hassle-free




The Blu Plus+ Charge Kit is a step in the right direction for Blu. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the idea of bringing multiple batteries and tanks in a charging case makes life much more convenient.

Flavor and vapor production is good enough for beginners, and using it is hassle-free.

However, because of the weak battery life, it’s not one that I would recommend when there are more powerful cig-a-likes around for a similar price.


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