Jac 510 Manual 650mAh Starter Kit Review

The Jac 510 Manual 650Mah Starter Kit

Many have turned to Jac Vapor, a UK based company that offers high quality build electronic cigarettes. Today I’ll be taking a look at the Jac Vapor 510 Manual 650mAh starter kit, which I’ve been testing for the last few weeks. Find out how I got on below…


  • Two 650mAh batteries with 6 hours of vaping life each
  • Includes one Evod 2 bottom-coil tank & replacement coil
  • Carrying case for easy transport
  • No e-liquid included




JAC Vapor packages their 510 Manual 650mAh Starter Kit in their traditional white box adorned with their black and red logo. This kit includes a nicely designed faux leather carry case (black), which may be too large for a pocket but still makes transportation simpler.

When assembled, the eGo-style cig is mid-sized (not small, but not as large as some), and definitely has the look of a vaporiser instead of a device that replicates cigarettes. I got mine in stainless steel, but it’s also available in white.




  • 2 x Batteries
  • 1 x Tank of Your Choice (Evod 2 tank, Mini Protank 3 or 510 Crystal)
  • 1 x replacement dual coil and wick
  • 1 x Long Lead Charger
  • 1 x Faux Leather Case




  • Battery Size: 75mm Length
  • Battery Power: 650mah
  • Battery Thread: 510
  • Tank Size: Evod 2 (2ml), Mini Protank 3 (1.5ml), 510 Crystal (1.6ml)
  • 2 x  dual coils and wicks
  • 4.2v charger




Despite its comparatively small size for an eGo, the JAC 510 Manual 650mAh e-cig stands up to the big-league performers in vapor production. It may not produce clouds quite as thick as more high-powered devices, but the output and throat hit are definitely satisfactory.




Manual devices can seem intimidating if they’re large and look complicated, but the JAC 510 Manual has no bells and whistles to distract you. The bare-bones construction makes it easy. Once it’s assembled, you’ll need to press the button a second or two before inhaling. As is standard on many e-cigs, you’ll have to press it five times to lock the device so it doesn’t accidentally activate while not in use.




With this kit you get the choice of three tanks: the Evod 2 tank, Mini Protank 3 or 510 Crystal, and they all have different capacities. The Evod has the largest capacity at 2ml. Next in line is the Metal Crystal 510 tank, which you can fill up to 1.6ml. And finally, the Mini Protank 3 has a capacity of 1.5ml.

While neither of these tanks are particularly big, it’s worth keeping this in mind depending on what your preferences are. You will also need to ensure that you select the correct replacement coils for the tank of your choice. I tested all three tanks, and this is what I think of each one:


  • MINI PROTANK 3 – While this tank has the lowest capacity at just 1.5ml, it performs really well. I got good vapor production from it and didn’t get any spit back. Some people, however, have reported that they’ve had to replace the pyrex tube. I didn’t experience this problem and found it worked extremely well with this vapourizer. Replacement coils for this area available in 1.5Ohm and 2.0Ohm resistances. These are also compatible with a several other tanks such as Evod 2, Kanger Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, and Aero Tank.


  • REBUILDABLE METAL CRYSTAL TANK – This tank will fill up to 1.6ml and feels solid. The vapor production with this tank was awesome. It has a dual bottom coil, which is replaceable. Since it’s rebuild-able you’ll only have to replace the coil and wick, which will save you a bit of cash. Replaceable coils are available at 1.5Ohms and 1.8Ohms.


  • REBUILDABLE EVOD 2 DUAL COIL TANK – This was my favorite of the three for a few reasons. Like the Metal Crystal Tank, it’s rebuild-able, but it has two coils fitted on each head making the vapor production a lot higher than the other two tanks. They’re eGo threaded and therefore don’t require a beauty ring and the coils are available in 1.5Ohms, 1.8Ohms and 2.0Ohms resistances. This tank also has the highest capacity at 2ml, so if you’re like me and prefer not to have to fill up too often, this will be the best choice.




The two batteries you get with this kit are 75mm length-wise. It’s quite fortunate that this does include two batteries because you’ll probably need them. The reason I say this is that they are both 650mAh in power, which isn’t much at all. The batteries in this kit has left a sour taste in my mount as they only last around 6 hours before needing a charge.

As a moderate vaper, I got through most of the day with a single battery. But most days I’d found I did have to use both to get me through a full day, especially when I vaped more frequently.

If you’re a light vaper, this probably won’t bother you too much, but if you vape moderately or frequently, you’ll either have to buy a few extra batteries or find something that has a longer-lasting battery.




Okay, so what do we think about the £38.99 price tag? The kit doesn’t include as much as some other starter kits, but, the quality of the ego kit just about makes it good value, even though the batteries aren’t as power as others on the market.

It would be easier to get excited about this starter kit if it included a little more, but you can rest assured that you will get a quality product for your hard earned cash!

Buying this kit alone won’t qualify you for free shipping as it’s under the £50.00 free shipping threshold. So unless you’re happy to buy a few extras, which isn’t too bad of an idea, you’ll end up spending another £4.10 to get it delivered.





Batteries are warranted for 42 days, while the charger is under warranty for 4 months. The tanks and coils are considered “consumable” items and do not qualify for warranty. Keep this in mind.

JAC Vapor will give you a two-week no-questions-asked guarantee. This guarantee, like the warranty, excludes cartridges and e-liquids, and they won’t accept the return of items that have been damaged or misused.

I have been in touch with Jac’s online customer service a couple of years ago for another product I bought – they were extremely helpful and responsive and resolved my query swiftly – I was more than impressed.




  • Price
  • 2 x Batteries
  • Quality Build
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee




  • Battery Life
  • Shipping Charges
  • Low Capacity Tanks




Most people that have bought this kit do seem to think it’s worth it, which is a good sign! I don’t think it’s the right kit for heavy vapers, and instead I’d recommend them having a look at the 510 Manual 900mAh or even 1300mAh Starter Kit.

Other than this, I can’t fault it. It’s a super quality build and feels it, and vapes better in my opinion with the Evod 2 Tank. If you do decide to pick this up, let me know what you think about it in the comments below as I’d love to know!


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