SMOK Alien Mini AL85 Kit Review

Smok Alien Al85 Mini Kit



When an Alien spawns, what do you get? In the case of SMOK, the result is the Alien Mini AL85.

While not as powerful as its 220 watt daddy, the little Alien still packs a punch at 85 watts with a single 18650 battery.

Will the little Alien match up to the specs of the bigger one? Of course not. But let’s find out whether this mini version gives you your money’s worth…



The first thing you’ll notice with the Alien Mini is how sleek and compact it looks.

Taking design cues from the Eleaf iStick Pico, SMOK uses an extended battery cap to shrink the main body of the mod, while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of the original Alien.

Like the original, the Alien Mini uses a clicky firing bar instead of a firing button, which gives the mod a more sleek, uniform look.

A large OLED screen is situated on the side, while the 510 connector is located on top, beside the battery cap. The only thing missing is battery ventilation – a safety feature all mods should have!

If you liked the look of the Alien and adored the compactness of the Pico, then the Alien Mini may be exactly what you’re looking for.




  • 1 x AL85 Mod
  • 1 x TFV8 Baby Tank (3mL)
  • 1 x V8 Baby-Q2 Core (0.4ohm dual coils) (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x V8 Baby-Q2 Core (0.6ohm dual coils)
  • 1 x USB Charge/Upgrade Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Spare Parts




  • Size: 71 x 48 x 27mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Power Range: 1-85W
  • Voltage Range: 0.35-8.0V
  • Resistance Range:
    • 0.10ohm – 3.00Ohm (VW Mode)
    • 0.06ohm – 3.00Ohm (TC Mode)
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F/100-315C
  • OLED Screen
  • Smok Alien Design
  • Top Battery Compartment
  • Temperature Control.




The mini Alien looks and feels good, but how does it perform?

For starters, the max wattage of the mod is a very capable 85 watts. While not as powerful as the original, for its size, 85 watts is nothing to scoff at.

As is standard in most mods today it does come with temperature control capabilities. and has a temperature range of 200F to 600F.

In TC mode, you can also adjust wattage in conjunction with the temperature for a more customized vape.

The device has a micro USB port for charging as well as firmware upgrades. For such a compact mod, the number of features included match, and even surpass some, bigger more expensive mods.

So far I’m impressed…




As with the original Alien, the Mini has a large OLED screen that almost takes up the entire side of the device.

The slightly askew orientation makes for a striking look and does not detract from its function in any way.

The screen is bright and legible even under direct sunlight, and displays the usual info such as watts, battery level, resistance, power setting, temperature, and more.

The menu is highly intuitive and easy to use, and is you want to vape is a dark room without any lights going off, you can put the mod in stealth mode to ensure no one gets distracted by Alien lights.

The only downside of the otherwise excellent menu system is the amount of effort it takes to turn it off. It’s a little long-winded and seems unnecessary.

Instead of the usual 5-click of the button (which locks the mod instead), you’ll have to hold the button down a few seconds, search the menu until you find the right option to turn it off.

While not exactly a deal breaker, it is a really annoying feature you find on many of SMOK’s mods that could be easily improved in my opinion.




Powered by a single removable 18650 battery, battery life depends on usage.

If you vape at around 50 watts, expect good battery life that can last a whole day. High powered vaping is of course doable, but you’ll find yourself swapping batteries more often.




The Alien Mini comes as a kit bundled with the popular TFV8 Baby Beast Tank.

The tank is a 22mm diameter, 3ml capacity RTA that matches the Alien Mini perfectly. Build quality is great and it has adjustable airflow.

Check out our review of the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank to learn more about this little beast.




  • Turning Off The Mod – Eschewing the usual 5-clicks of the firing button, you’ll have to dig deep into the menu just to turn the mod off
  • No Battery Ventilation – The lack of vent holes may not seem like a huge deal, but for those who are finicky about their own safety, this may present some problems for some




  • Compact – The Alien Mini is well designed and gives full functionality in a very compact profile
  • Adjust Wattage in TC Mode – Aside from adjusting temperature, you can also set the wattage for a more customisable vape
  • Removable 18650 Battery – Some mini mods use built-in batteries, which can be hit-or-miss. By having a removable 18650 battery, you won’t have to search high and wide for a charging port. Instead, you can just bring a spare battery or two
  • Clicky Firing Bar – The firing bar gives a satisfying click that give you a sense of authority whenever you vape
  • Strength Modes – The addition of strength modes gives you a quick and easy way to adjust your vape strength without having to fiddle too much with settings
  • Intuitive Menu – Despite the slew of features, the Alien Mini’s menu is easy to navigate and use
  • Ergonomic – Easy to hold, you won’t mind carrying this around all day
  • Stealth Mode – In case you need to be discreet, stealth mode is the way
  • Firmware Upgradeable – Future updates is always a welcome option in any mod
  • Comes With TFV8 Baby Tank – Other kits tend to bundle their mods with less than average tanks or atomizers. Not so with the Alien Mini, bundling up their kit with the awesome TFV8 Baby Tank is a genius move
  • Good Battery Life – With moderate vaping, you won’t find yourself wanting for more power by the end of the day



While not the cheapest on the market, the SMOK Alien Mini AL85 Kit gives you great value.

I can’t fault the tank too much, and the overall build quality is of the mod is excellent.

It’s fair to say that I’d like to see improvements such as making it a much more simple task to turn the device off, but it does lock easily so this isn’t a huge deal.

This mini version of the original SMOK Alien is every bit as capable, if not as powerful, and should be taken seriously.

It gets a thumbs up from me.


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3 thoughts on “SMOK Alien Mini AL85 Kit Review

  1. Hi would you get the smok mini over this apollo Reliant 75W Starter Vape Kit (Temp control & Power Mode). I currently use the apollo sub ohm portal device and looking into getting a upgrade?

    1. Hi Chris, Neither me or my team have had a chance to use or review the Apollo Reliant Kit yet, and therefore can’t offer an opinion on how it compares to the AL85 at this time. I can see the dilemma in choosing between these two mods. Both SMOK and Apollo have been producing good quality devices over the last couple of years. My advice would be to look at some online reviews of the Reliant to find its genuine pros and cons, weigh them up against the AL85, and if you don’t find anything that puts you off either of them completely, go with the one that more closely matches your preferences and budget. Judging by reviews I’ve read online on the Reliant, I doubt you could go too far wrong with either. Good luck with whatever you do.

  2. “… The only thing missing is battery ventilation …” – battery compartment in AL85 is not airtight, there are big holes on the walls inside

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