Volcano Inferno Complete Starter Kit Review

Volcano Inferno Ego Starter Kit

If you’re trying to give up all those nasty chemicals or simply looking for a new eGo kit you are going to want something that has been tried, tested and proven. Vape Pens, also known as eGo style e-cigarettes are popular among vapers, and Volcano’s Inferno is one of the best I’ve come across.


  • Powerful vapor production and throat hit
  • Five-click button to activate
  • Two batteries and tanks per kit
  • 12-14 hour battery life and all-day cartridge capacity
  • 5-Star Customer Reviews





The Inferno kit packaging is unique in that it’s customisable; the gift box comes in the color of your choosing. One package design simply includes the Volcano logo and kit name, while another opts for a bold black-and-red color scheme with a flaming “O” at the end of the name.

As for the kit’s contents, the assembled e-cig is shiny and modern-looking. It’s not small and neither is it bulky or awkward when you hold it. You also get to choose from eight available colors.




  • Gift Box in the set color of your choice
  • 2 x Volcano INFERNO Batteries
  • 2 x Chargers
  • Tube Tank
  • Heating coil
  • 1 x Chrome drip tip
  • 4 x heating coils
  • 15ml Bottle of Premium E-Liquid




  • 650 mAH pass-through Volcano INFERNO Battery
  • 900 mAh pass-through Volcano INFERNO Battery
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • 1 x 1.8Ω heating coil
  • 3 x 1.8Ω replacement heating coils




Most users consider the Inferno eGo’s vapor volume to be one of its primary advantages, and I have to agree. It out-performs most other vape pens I’ve tried when it comes to vapor production. If this turns out to be your first eGo e-cig you’ll be more than happy with the thick clouds and satisfying throat hit.




This Inferno is pretty easy to operate. It has clear instructions for an easy assembly, and the tank is super easy to refill. It does require 5-click button activation as opposed to some that are always ready to go. This helps ensure you don’t accidentally turn it on while it’s in your pocket.

If you’re unsure about anything when you receive your kit, Volcano have clear user manuals and video tutorials to help you get the right set up and understand exactly how to use it.




Volcano describes the refillable bottom-coil tube tanks on the Inferno as “an all-new revolution to the classic clearomizer/cartomizer setup.” These 4ml capacity tanks will hold enough e-liquid to sustain all-day use without requiring a refill. They’re made of stainless steel so you can expect them to last you a long time.




The Volcano Inferno eGo Starter Kit comes with two batteries: a 650 mAh pass-through (term used for a manual battery) and a 900 mAh pass-through. Not all kits include two batteries, but having a spare battery is something that I’d always recommend to ensure you always have at least one fully charged, and, of course, for back-up purposes in case one fails!

When I tested each battery, they both performed extremely well. They say that you can expect you to get 12-14 hours after a full charge, and I managed to get more than 14 hours usage out of both batteries. Keep in mind however that the battery length will vary depending on how often you vape throughout the day.




This kit will set you back £44.99, which seems pretty steep for a first kit. I wouldn’t recommend spending this heavily if you’re considering making the switch from smoking. You might decide it’s not for you.

If you’re already vaping and want a new kit, then it might be worth a shot. But I would suggest looking around first since there are a lot of great kits around now that will cost you less.

If you do decide this is for you, you’ll be happy to know that Volcano offer free shipping on all European orders.

If you’re from the UK and want this kit fast then you can opt for next day delivery for an extra £5.99.




As is the case with most companies that offer non-resell-able products, Volcano’s 6-month warranty is limited. It does not cover the tanks, heating elements, or liquids, and you won’t be able to return anything that has been damaged by abuse or negligence.

I am a little disappointed that Volcano don’t offer any kind of guarantee in case you change our mind. On a more positive note, Volcano does have safeguards to make sure you’re not stuck with a defective product. If you are unlucky enough to end up with a defective product you can mail it back with an RMA form. They’ll conduct some tests to assess whether it’s eligible for a replacement, and if it is, they will mail you a new one.




  • 2 x Batteries
  • E-Liquid Included




  • No Guarantee
  • Expensive Kit




Very few customers had negative things to say about the Inferno E-Cig, but there were some that did experience problems.

You get everything you need to get going with this kit from a spare battery to spare coils and a 15ml bottle of e-liquid – but it does come at a price.

I’d recommend shopping around first as there are some excellent kits around that will cost you a lot less. Check out our best vape pens to get an idea what’s on offer.


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