Smoant Ladon 225W AIO Kit Review (Pros & Cons)

3.0 rating

Smoant Ladon Aio Kit Review


The Ladon 225W AIO Kit is one of the latest dual battery mods from long-time manufacturer, Smoant, known for its several successful mods, many of which have been ambitious as well as a number of pod kits through the years.

Despite being labeled an “AIO,” the Ladon is more your typical regulated mod than a true AIO. Smoant has most likely slapped the label with regards to the included tank which has a variety of coil options.

In true AIO terminology, AIOs are usually mods wherein the battery and tank are integrated into one device. One look at the Smoant, and it’s obvious this is not a true AIO.

Semantics aside, how does the Ladon 225W stack up against other dual battery mods in the market? There is a lot to love about this device, but it’s let down by a few design flaws in some areas…


PRICE (US): ~ $60.00

PRICE (UK): ~ £50.00




  • Size: 91.5 × 46.9mm
  • Output: 1 – 225W
  • Modes: VW, TC (Ni, Ti, SS316), TCR
  • Battery type: Dual 18650
  • Display: Screen ~ 0.96inch
  • Temperature range: 100 – 300°C / 200 – 600°F
  • AI Ant-chip
  • USB Type-C 2A quick charge




  • Size: 28 × 58.4mm
  • Easy Top Fill
  • Capacity: 4ml (straight and RBA bubble glass) 6ml (bubble glass)
  • Coils: 0.16ohm Mesh, 0.15ohm Dual Mesh
  • RBA
  • Adjustable airflow




  • Smoant Ladon Mod
  • Ladon Tank
  • Spare Parts
  • 3 Spare Glass Tanks
  • Mesh 0.16Ω coil
  • Dual mesh 0.15Ω coil (pre installed)
  • RBA
  • USB Type C Cable
  • User manual




Design-wise, the Ladon 225W looks like a tank. It’s bulky exterior is constructed from plastic, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. The 510 connector is located up top on a raised platform in the middle, and it fits a respectable 28mm atonimser without any overhang.

The screen is bright and large enough to read without having to squint in order see its info at a glance. These modes include the mode it is in, a battery level indicator, the current output, voltage, coil resistance, a puff counter, and a timer.

Beneath the screen is the up and down button. I say “button” instead of “buttons” because Smoant has utilized a sort of rocker for it. This makes the design seamless, minimizing breaks in the lines.

On one of the narrow sides, there is a grooved fire button that is large and clicky, while the battery door is situated on the back side of the mod.

Smoant Ladon Aio Kit Specs Review

The battery door has imitation leather covering it with the LADON branding embossed. It gives a nice feeling in the hand and looks pretty good. One issue, though, is that the battery door rattles even when batteries are installed. This may be just my unit, but 

Below the mod you will find the USB-C connector for charging on-the-go, though as usual, it is recommended you charge your batteries with a dedicated charger as its usually safer. 

The Kit comes in a standard cardboard box, though the mod and tank have separate boxes. Seems like a waste when they could have just included everything in one box. Inside, you will get the mod itself, the Ladon tank (which we’ll get to later in the review), three spare glass tubes, two extra coils, an RBA deck, a USB-C cable, a user manual, and a pack of spare parts.




The Ladon uses two 18650 batteries that aren’t included, yet can be charged via the USB-C cable included if necessary. Turning the mod on and off is your typical 5 consecutive clicks, while three clicks will take you into the menu.

Pressing both the at the same time will either lock or unlock the device to help you avoid unnecessary clicks where you could end up accidently firing the device in your pocket or adjusting your settings.

Smoant Ladon Kit Review

The modes you can adjust include the variable wattage, which most of you will be used to or accustomed to, there is temperature control, which accommodates Stainless Steel (SS), Titanium (Ti) and Nickel (Ni) coils heads. If you like your curve settings, the TCR option is there for you too.

Safety is always look for in any mod we use and review, and it’s nice to see this come with the standard protections such as low voltage, reverse polarity, short circuit protection, a 10-second cut off and over-heating protection.




The Ladon AIO 28mm tank looks similar to most other tanks on the market, but underneath, it has its differences, some of which have been a massive turn-off.

There are three different glass tubes: one is 6ml (bubble type), and the other two are 4ml, one of which is straight and the other is also a bubble type shape, which is designed for the RBA.

As much as I’d love to say that it’s nice that they included the option to use an RBA with this device, it’s not something I’d recommend. It’s one of the worst RBA’s I’ve had the pleasure of using. You’ll be better off sticking with the other two single mesh or dual mesh coils, which do perform well.

Smoant Ladon Aio Kit Tank Review

If you’re interested in this kit due to the RBA, I have to recommended that you reconsider here. To start with, the rubber O-ring is constantly on and off, and is super fiddly to keep in place, the air-flow system that they’ve tried to implement does not work well at all. They do give you the option to do a mesh build, but even with this it still vapes poorly. I think they’ve tried to do too much here and got in over their heads.

I hate to say it, but the RBA is just not good, and just to be sure that it wasn’t just my device, I did a little research online and I’m by far not the only one that has these concerns.

Unfortunately, this isn’t where the problems end for the Ladon tank…assembling the thank can be a pain too. The O-ring that is meant ot hold the glass in place doesn’t do it’s job and I constantly find the glass pop out before I’m able to connect the base on. It’s just a mess to put it frankly, and not a good experience by any means.

Having said this, the coils they include are really good. The flavour is excellent and the vape is nice and smooth. The dual mesh, my personal favorite, is rated at 85W, but it vapes well at around 90-100. For the record, I don’t usually vape that high, but I tested it for you guys, and it was nice.

There really is a lot to love about the kit, but the tank has ‘tanked’ in a literal sense!

One more thing I do like about this tank is the easy top-fill mechanism it has, and it’s really easy open, fit your drip tip on and top up. It could be argued that the design could make it open too easily due to the little latch it has, but I’ve never had this problem.




The Smoant Ladon 225W kit can be had for about £50.00 in the UK via VapeSourcing, who usually discount their products. In the US you’ll need to shell out about $60.00 for the kit, again, via VapeSourcing. 

For the price, it’s a ‘okay’ buy though not the best. I’d be much happier to see this under £40 or $50. This would have given it an extra star for me. There are other dual battery mods out there that cost roughly the same but offer more features and a much better versatile tank.

However, if you know Smoant and are a fan of their previous devices, this is still an ‘okay’ buy. Not one I personally would buy as a kit, but I’d definitely be included to pick up the MOD on its own. 




  • RBA Base is Terrible
  • O-Ring problems
  • Price a little high at the top end
  • Tank has small potential issues
  • Battery Door Rattle




  • Large LCD Screen
  • Excellent Coils that offer fantastic flavour
  • Solid MOD Build and Design
  • Nice size for a dual 18650 – not too big not too small




There may be more advanced dual battery mods out there, but if all you need are variable wattage and temperature control, you can’t go too far wrong with the Smoant Ladon 225W AIO Kit – unless you want it for the RBA of course!

RBA aside, the flavour of the other two coils are good, menu system is easy to navigate, and vapour production is excellent.

I personally wouldn’t recommended this with so many other amazing kits on the market at this price, but if the price comes down significantly then it’s definitely a kit to consider as long as you don’t want to use it primarily for the included RBA. 


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