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Miniature mods seem to be popping up everywhere as they grow in popularity amongst vapers.

SMOK are well aware of this and have come up with their own micro version called the QBOX.

You may already be familiar with SMOK’s mini version of the Alien, which I recently reviewed. This mod is smaller than the original Alien, which I’ve also reviewed, but nowhere near as miniature as this QBOX.

But what is the appeal with these ‘micro mods’?

Some of you will like them simply due to the fact that they’re much smaller and easier to carry around.

This one would easily fit in your front jean pocket or handbag without feeling too bulky.

You may like the fact that as a moderate vaper you can vape a smaller device at lower temperatures rather than carry around a mod that reaches wattages you never tend to use. h 18650

A micro mod like this may just be the answer for you since you may not need all that extra battery that some of us do require as we chain vape all day at 60 plus watts.

If you’re new to vaping, you may simply be looking for something that is suitable as an entry level kit to get you started or you may well be upgrading from a smaller device like a vape pod or vape pen.

A miniature mod in this situation makes perfect sense.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced vaper who owns a larger mod like me, you may want something small, mobile or discreet for certain situations like heading out for a short trip or to have as a back-up.

Whatever your reasons, most mini mods are built and designed to cater to these needs.

After using the QBOX for a few weeks I’m going to share my thoughts on it and how useful it would be in all these circumstances.

By the end of this review, you should be able to determine whether this will be a suitable mini device for your needs.

So let’s dive in.




The QBOX is a mini mod that has a non-removable 1600mAh rechargeable battery.

It’s made by SMOK who have been building innovative vaping products for years now, and the majority of their products are well-received in the vaping community.

As you can see below, the QBOX comes packed with a bunch of features, which is rare to find in such a small mod:


  • 1 to 50W Power Output
  • 0.1V to 9V
  • 0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Three Setting Output Mode (Hard / Normal / Soft)
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Temperature Control Output (Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel Support)
  • Adjustable Initial Resistance
  • 200 to 600 degree Fahrenheit Output Range
  • 0.06 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Extra Large OLED Screen
  • Six Line and Three Column Display
  • Incredible Data Feedback
  • Output Wattage or Temperature Control
  • Output Voltage
  • Output Timer
  • Mode and Heating Element
  • Individual Battery Life Indicator
  • Working Effect
  • PCB Temperature
  • Puff Counter
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Amperage Amperage Output
  • Contrast Adjustability
  • Rotatable Screen
  • Three Button Interface
  • Firing Button
  • Adjustment Buttons
  • Built-In LiPo Battery (1600 mAh)
  • Rechargeable via Micro USB Port


The QBOX is made for anyone that wants a low-cost entry level kit and for those of you that need something that’s easily mobile and much more stealthy than a full sized mod.

As for me, I tended to use it when I went out for short trips and as a back up to my full sized mod.

It’s fair to say that 1600mAh isn’t much when compared to a lot of other mini mods you’ll find, but for these kinds of circumstances, this amount of battery does do its job.



The QBOX has temperature control, but that’s nothing special, even in mini-mods.

The fact that you can adjust the wattage in temperature control is what sets it apart from many other mods.

It still baffles me that many of today’s mods fail to provide this function so kudos to SMOK for making this happen with the QBOX.

This mod really is tiny, which is why we’re describing it more of a micro mod. After all, SMOK has already labelled their larger AL85 as a mini mod.

After all, SMOK already released a mini mod, which is much bigger than the QBOX, and to pack so many features in such a small amount of real estate really is quite impressive.

It has upgradable firmware, a huge screen (one of the biggest I’ve seen on such a small mod) and contrast adjustability – a feature you won’t even find on many full-sized mods let alone mini or micro versions.

The screen is nice and easy to read outside, and I’d recommend reducing the contrast while inside to help conserve the battery.

The charge time isn’t too bad either. I’d get a full charge anywhere from around 1 – 2 hours.

Overall, there are a lot of impressive features in the QBOX.



The QBOX has several positive reviews online.

In fact, I rarely came across anyone that had anything negative to say about the mod itself.

One reviewer, in particular, stated that the kit was good for the price, but wished it would go higher in wattage. Here’s their review:

Great mod and tank for the price. Small size is awesome for vaping on the go. I wish you could turn the wattage up higher, but I wouldn’t expect that with the price and size. It makes a great starter kit for my wife. It’s her first mod, and has been a good place to start.

You can check out this review along with others on  VaporDNA‘s website.

I have to say that I do agree that the kit is pretty good value, and it was also a relief to hear this reviewer backtrack on their wish for a higher wattage output on this device.

More wattage output would only detract from the OSUB as you’d be recharging it quite regularly if you went far above 50W, which would be a pain.

The battery is only 1600mAh, which won’t last long if you’re constantly vaping at 50W let alone anything higher.

If it was around the 2500mAh – 3000mAh area, then yes, a higher wattage may have been more practical.

I think it should have been capped at 40W and packaged with the SMOK Spiral tank, which performs better at lower wattages.

The TFV8 Baby tank just isn’t built for such a small mod, even with the lower wattage coils they include.

Finally, while I can see the appeal of using the QBOX as a starter kit, I don’t agree that it’s an ideal starter kit for someone that hasn’t vaped before. Having said this, it is fair to say that this won’t be the case for all newbies.

Having said this, it is fair to say that this won’t be the case for all newbies.

The reason I say this is due to the TFV8 Tank that it comes with. This tank is not really a beginner’s tank, even if the coils are limited to 50W.

The TFV8 Baby in this kit comes with coils that require a minimum of 40-50 watts to work well from what I’ve tested. And this may be too much for newer vapers.

There is the option to couple the mod with a tank that works well at wattages around the 20-30W mark, but this increases the overall outlay for a kit that is priced quite reasonably.

It’s a small shame that they didn’t just go with the Spiral.



The QBOX has a lot going for it, but there are a few things you’ll want to know about it before you decide whether to get it or not.

The first relates to something I go on about a lot with SMOK mods. This is the complicated method you have to go through to turn the darn thing off.

Unless you’ve only owned SMOK mods, most of us will be used to the simple 3 or 5 click mechanism.

But SMOK makes this process much more complicated, and I’ve never really understood why.

In order to turn the device off, you have to navigate through the menu and select the correct mode before you can select the option to turn the device off.

It just seems so unnecessary.

On the surface, it doesn’t sound like too much hassle. And if you’ve never used a mod before, you probably won’t mind it.

But when you’re used to using so many vaping devices that all switch on and off with a simple 3 to 5 clicks of the firing button, it really is off-putting when you find yourself using a SMOK device, because most of their devices follow this pattern, and I despise it.

The next thing is something I’ve already touched on so I’m not going to go into too much detail again, and that’s the tank.

The tank comes with coils that must be vaped at around 50W (the max output of the device) to get good flavor, and this just doesn’t bode well for a mod that only has a 1600mAh battery.

Next, it gets a little more nit-picky. But it’s another thing that bothers me.

This is the placement of the micro-USB charging port. It’s located on the bottom of the device, which is another pet hate for me.

It means you’ll have to take the tank off every time you charge because if it sits on its side while charging, it might leak.

Finally, you should be made aware that if you live in the EU you will receive a TPD compliant 2ml tank with the TFV8 Baby. US suppliers will offer this tank with a 3ml tank.

This isn’t SMOK’s fault. It’s just that the laws have recently changed in the EU, and SMOK is merely complying with these.

You can read more about the new TPD laws here if you’re not yet up-to-date.




  • Turning Off Device – Complicated menu system for turning off the device. Too many steps involved.
  • TFV8 Baby Tank – While not a con for everyone, the TFV8 Baby requires coils that force you to use higher wattages to get good performance from the tank, which means you lose battery life much faster. Not ideal with a 1600mAh battery.
  • Charging Port – Micro USB Port located on the bottom of the mod. Just means you’ll have to remove the tank while it charges on its side.
  • Battery – 1600mAh won’t last long if you vape it regularly, especially at 40 or more watts. Fortunately, the charge time is pretty fast.




  • Temperature Control – Wattage can be adjusted in temp control.
  • Size – Small and Compact.
  • Software – Firmware is upgradable.
  • Charging – Charges in under 2 hours, but this may change over time.
  • Display – Nice large display that’s visible outside.
  • Price – Full kit for under £40.00 makes it quite attractive.





There are a lot of things to like about the QBOX.

It’s miniature size, the nice large screen, the wealth of features it comes with, and not to forget the price.

But then there are things about it that aren’t so attractive, such as the minute battery and combination of the this with the TFV8 Baby Beast tank.

Yes, it’s only fair to say that this is all subjective. Most pros and cons are when it comes to vape devices.

Some of you may love the fact that it’s small and may not mind the battery size. Some may love the fact that it comes with a TFV8 Baby as you may already own a tank that will work well with the QBOX and use the Baby Beast on a larger mod.

We will all have our own preferences and different reasons for potentially picking one up so I’m not going to get too bogged down on the things I don’t like about it.

All I will say is that it is a nice little MOD, and more suited for anyone that wants it as a ‘going out’ mod or back up, and less suited to beginners unless you’re happy to vape at around 45-50W or are prepared to buy a tank better that would be suited to this mod.


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